The Swap

Star is a normal girl with a normal life and a normal boyfriend. That is until she disapears for three weeks! When she finally arrives back after her long break she is different, she has seen things and has a new found interest in mysterious Justin...


1. Prologue

The giggling teenagers spilled out of the large shopping centre. The loudest is a pretty fair haired girl, her arm looped around the waist of a tall boy with wide, muscular shoulders. Her laugh sounds like ringing church bells.

The group split up, waving each other goodbye. The boy and girl make their way through the small town laughing and chatting as they go.

A sandy haired boy watches them intently from the shadows, paying close attention to the beautiful girl. He watches as they kiss goodbye and go sepparate ways. He see's something in the distance and runs the opposite way far away from whatever it had been that had made him flee so desperately.

The girl is left alone on the meak, winter evening...

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