Lonely Soul

This was a short story I wrote when I was about 11, comment and compare it to my other books now.


1. Chapter

Long ago in the mists of time there lived a legend, Happy Harry. He was known all over the world for making people happy but this is his most known story ’ the Lonely Soul ’ . The lonely soul is about a ghost who is trapped on earth and can only be freed if he is happy.


Once-upon-a-time there lived a sad lonely ghost who only wanted to be free from the evil spell which caused him to be trapped on earth until he was happy. One day Harry was on his way to the lonely soul’s village he was warned not to go because in the village lived a ghost called Sad Sammy. But Harry would leave no-one out, friend or foe. So despite the warnings he went into Sammy’s village.


Harry did not have to go far for as soon as he entered he saw Sammy.

Who, as he was grumpy, said “Go away. “But did Harry listen? No way. For him everyone had to be happy. Harry got everyone in the village to come to the funny show to do something funny. Guess who the judge was? Sammy of course. With it being Sammy everyone was nervous. If he laughed at somebody they would be through to the next round.


To start with nobody got through. This all changed when it was Harry’s turn. After that Sammy knew how to laugh so he was happy. As Sammy was happy he had broken the spell. So Sammy began to fade away until he could not been.


Of course nobody believed that he had gone for good. It is a well known fact that people still look for him. This how Harry became known as Happy Harry.

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