Your father isn't your father.

You aren't who you think you are.

You are an assassin.


1. Prologue

I was sleeping peacefully for once. Dreaming. Dreaming of floating above the world with midnight black swan wings. Bowing down at my feet were the unworthy citizens of my planet, hoping, just hoping that today would be their last. Then suddenly my whole dream transformed into a nightmare. Knock. Knock. Knock.  I woke up. Who was that? Slowly I began drifting back to sleep when I reconsidered, wondering just who it could be. “All right I am coming in. I know you are in there so you better be ready for me, if you know who I am.” snarled a thunderous deep voice just like he was mocking us to come out. Somewhere deep inside my soul I recognised that voice. I remembered. The voice belonged to the Queen’s personal assassin.


What would he want? Mother and Father always paid their taxes on time. They even gave one tenth of their goods to the church. Was it about me? Looking around I noticed he was armed from head to toe with various murder weapons; strong muscular arms and legs; sweeping blonde hair; sharp intense blue eyes; bronzed skin and a six-pack clearly marked under his tight white t-shirt. Not quite knowing what he was here for I stayed silent and watched. I had known that he was coming for a long time. Once my parents thought I weren’t listening they talk of him in hushed voices.


Until one day I could take it no longer. “Who is the Queen’s PA?” I thought out loud regardless of whether they could here me or not.

“Angel, how did you know about him?” My mother asked.

“I heard you talk about him. Why?” I replied

“He is the Queen‘s personal assassin. Not only that but he is after us so if he comes you have to be quiet. You must not even cry out for he might hear you and then he might even kill you.” My farther hissed like he did when he was angry. 


For once I actually listened to what they had said. I made no sound because I knew what he was going to do and I was not ready to take him on just yet. Vowing of revenged I kept out of his sight because like they say out of sight out of mind. I hoped so anyway. That’s when I saw them strolling down the stairs with open arms. Open for their own death. Taking out two throwing knives, one from each leg, he killed them. I had always been good at being silent I rarely even cried but this was one of the times when I could not control myself. I cried.


As a man who had never work with children he thought I was hungry so he gave me some milk out of a full bottle in my mother hand. Slowly I noticed how he reacted when he saw me. “Oh no. What have I done?” he howled. What did he mean? Was he having second thoughts about killing my mother and father? “I never knew. I never knew I was an uncle. What should I do?” he sobbed. Suddenly he looked wide-eyed and innocent instead of fearful and uncaring. “What should I call you? How about Angel because you were sent from heaven to help me become a better man.” he asked, “Yes, Angel suits you. I am so so sorry for what I did to your mum and dad but here’s the thing, I need the money.”


His hands were soft and smooth when he picked me up. Cradling me in his arms he carried me into his shiny jet black BMW with tinted windows. We drove in silence all the way to her palace. Where my Uncle got out of the car and told me this “Please be quiet. You shouldn’t be here. If you get caught I may lose you as well as my brother and his wife.” I listened to him because even though he killed them I knew he was telling the truth. Gasping for breath, I woke up.

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