When your girlfriend breaks up with you for reasons she won't tell it breaks your heart.Trust me Louis i know how it feels. What Louis doesn't know is that she left him to protect him and now he sees her every where.


1. I'm sorry

Louis' Pov

"I'm sorry Lou but i don't want you to get hurt." She said "But your hurting me by leaving!" i say tears forming in my eyes "Thats not what i ment." she replies in a soft voice. "This is about work isn't it! Look i don't care what mangement says i love you." i say a tear rolling down me check "Its not about your work its about mine and they didn't tell me to do this i have to." she kisses my check then walks away. I walk in side mine and the boys house."Hey mate!" Harry said smiling then it falls "Lou whats wrong?" Liam asked getting up and walking over to me. "She left." is all i can say before bursting into tears. Niall and Zayn walk over to me giving me hugs. Harry gets up and grabs his keys "Where are you going?" Niall asks "To go find that girl and knock some sense into her for hurting my best friend." He said before slamming the door.

Harry's Pov

I drive to her house we all became really good friends with her so i knew where her house was. I pounded on the door. I pounded again then finally she came to the door. "What the hell! Why did you leave Lou?! He loved you so much!" i yelled "You don't understand." She snapped "Well maybe i would if you just told me!" i shot back. A car pulls up. "I have to go." she said she stepped out then locked her door ran to the car and hopped in she gives the guy in the car a small smile then puts her seat belt on. I drive back to our house. The boys look up at me i shook my head. "Maybe the telly will get your mind off her." Zayn suggests we turn on the telly and started flipping channles "Wait go back." Lou said we go back and it was the news "The girl that went missing three weeks ago has found by a runner.The girl has tied up by wire on her hands and feet. The werdist thing is that there are pebbles over her eyes." the reporter tells the camra she steps out of the way and they show they show whats going on Thers a girl about 18 looking over the body and pointing things out to some people. She is just about to look up when the reporter steps in "More on that story later."

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