The boy next door

Stella is a normal 20 yearold who is starstruck when she sees the new boy next door.........


1. Moving In

Stellas Pov

'what is that noise' I say to my self as i rub my  eyes. It sounds like trucks and people talking amoungst themselves. It was coming from next door. 'Finally the new neighbours are moving in.' I figured out. I decided that they might need help so I got the courage to get up and get ready to go meet them. i ran into my wardrobe grabbed some shorts and a singlet top and put them on. I ran into the bathroom to brush my teeh and fix my hair. i ran outside thinking about what to have for breakfast when i see a hot guy in suspenders. i turn around and run back inside when i hear in an adorable British accent "Morning love good day isnt it" i turn around to see who it was... It was the hot guy with the suspenders. Did i mention hes hot! I turn around and stare into his GORGOUS blue eyes it looked he was stareing into mine. After about a few minutes the movers were bringing out the couch when i hear "oh crap" It was the movers they dropped the couch on the hot guys foot. I ran over to help and bring him in to my house. I helped him inside and sat him on my couch. " Be right back ill go get you an ice pack." i said as i was heading to the freezer. I pulled it out as tears started to roll down his cheek. " No! Dont cr or else ill cry. I understand your pain but please try not to cry." i spat out as I softly placed the icepack on his foot 

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