Little Things (14+)

Grace is insecure about her body and listens to One Direction to make herself feel better. whn she goes to their concert she is lucky enough to meet them!! But what happens when she falls in love with one of the five lads...


1. The Day before the concert

Grace is a normal 19 year old girl but is very insecure about her body. She has long, blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She has a sporty figure as she used to play netball but gave it up after she broke her arm. She loved her best friend Emily who is obsessed with Niall and Grace is obsessed with Louis. The two girls live in London and are so excited for tomorrow because they have the One Direction Concert.

Graces P.V.O

I woke up so excited for tomorrow. My best friend and i are going to see one direction live. I hope i meet Louis i would be so happy if I did. I have loved !d forever and they are all so cute. I wake up and put on some high-waisted shorts and a black tank top. i did my hair in a messy bun with a bit of foundation, eye liner, masscara and some lip gloss. Then i headed down stairs for breakfast only to see my mum and my evil step-monster of a father kissing. "Ewwwwww!! Seriously get a room." I walked out and texted my best friend Emily.

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