Your's Truly

This story is about a girl thats not afraid to do anything and that has a secret she loves One Direction and singing but nobodys knows. This story is about how she loves this one member from One Direction but she thinks she doesnt have a chance with him! But who knows maybe she does and maybe she doesnt?? But one day the girl went to a One Direction concert and got backstage! What will Happen?


1. New Day

Skyler's POV

Today i woke up felling extra good!  For some strange reason.  Well i might as well tell you about me!  I dont want to but whatever i guess.  My names Skyler, girly name huh? am i right?  See im not the typical teen or like child or whatever you wanna call me?  I'm a girl that gets into fights alot and detention.  But i dont care, you can basically call me a TomBoy, i dont like school i hate it!  Well who doesnt?  Most of my friends are guys, all of the girls in my class are like ''OMG MAKE-UP'' ''OMG STACIE YOU WRECKED MY HAIR!!''.  Drama Queenz!  I'm 16 years old and im so far kinda loving life!

Writers POV

Hey guys this is my first book im planning on making a second one too!

Sorry for the short chapter, but i hope you like it! Thx new chapter everyday! Bye


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