This start is going to be about Zayn when he smokes and he can't stop. I'm not putting hate on him it starts off bad then to good. 

Zayn starts off by smoking one cigaret a day to five to twelve to a pack and a half. He smokes more and more each day.

Find out when he goes through the pain, suffering, and dealing with the hospital. Meeting his nurse to help him stop smoking. She is 19, blonde hair, and her name is Nikki Klien.

See if sparks fly between these two. Will Zayn start to like Nikki, and fall in love? Will Nikki like him back? Will the boys like Zayn's choice for liking his nurse? Get all these questions answered in Addiction.


1. Capter 1


     Hey just to remind you guys this is not to put hate on Zayn. I'm just gonna write a fanfiction where Zayn will smoke and get sick and go to the hospital. when hes in the hospital (which i don't know if his could happen) and be in rehab while he's in the hospital. he falls in love and blah blah blah which its his nurse.

and im not gonna put chapter names. Cause i really can't think of any.

    The first chapter will be really short and so will others and so yeah i still writing my first chaperter cause im working on anoter on right now. tpo let you know its a Louis one. And my Dance for you one is also a Zayn one. so, I'm going to put nup just a little of my first story. Hope you enjoy it!-KarBear ;)




ZAYN"S POV: I gt into my car and drove tothe nearest gas station. Once I got there, I walked in and grabbed a pack of cigarettes. I payed for them and drove back to my house. All of us were hanging at my place. I got back to the house and I walked in and sat next to Niall. "Hey guys, what's up?" I asked.

"Oh nothing. Where did you go, Zayn?" Liam asked.

"I went to the gas station and bought a pack of cigarettes." I answered.

"Mmkay. So, wannawatch a movie guys?" Liam said.

"Uhh sure. What one?" Louis questioned.

"Ted." I said. "I heard that movie s really good and funny. So Niall will get a good laugh out of it."

"I'll get the popcorn!!" Niall shouted running to the kitchen.

 heard Niall put the popcorn into the microwave and i could hear it pop. I decited to go out for a smoke while the movie was getting ready to play. "I'm going out for a smoke." I said to the boys. I walked outside and lit my cigaret. Inhale, and exhale. I had about three cigarettes till Louis came out and called me in for the movie.




I hoped you liked the first half of my 1st chapter! I'll be writing real soon. Oh and maybe in the second or third chapter there'll be some drama between Perrie and Zayn because they haven't quite broke up yet. So, i hoped you liked it and please get the word around that this story is out and comment to tell me that you liked it so i can keep writing! Thank You! ;)

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