love hurts!

Shelby,Ayah,andn Beth formed a group called the Enchanting on x factor U.S.A in 2012 now after winnig the U.S.A. x-factor they become instantly famous all over. But what if Simoen starts to favor them more than One Direction? When One Direction is ask bye Simoen to be The Enchanting opening act and stuck on tour with them for a year what will happen. And the Enchanting have a big secret that could make thier carrer end in a flash. Will love fly or will hatred be realsed? Find out in Love Hurts!


1. flashback


Beth POV

           Me and the girls were waiting backstage nervous as crack we are big fans of demi and Britney and we would hate to mess up. We were in New Orleans,Louisiana because we are from Alexandria,Louisiana and Britney is also from Louisiana so I would die if she didn't like us.

         When we walked on stage Simoen did a big eye roll why Simoen no need to be rude. "Hi girls what's your names?" Demi asked us Shelby remained speechless I guess the girl with the worst accent going have to talk.(ME) " My name is Beth Jones," "I'm Ayah Julliet," "I'm Shelby Adrian," "and we are Enchanting!" we said together. "How cute were are you guys from and how old are you?" Britney asked us. "We are from Alexandria,Louisiana and we are all 17," I said laughing. "That's a funny accent you got there!" Demi said I just started laughing most of the time people ask me if I'm british weird right. "Yep sure is!" l said popping the P. "Ok what will you girls be singing today?" Simoen asked us. "Love Bug by The jonas brothers," Ayah said. Simoen agained eye roll man what is his problem. "Could you sing a different song?" Demi asked us. crab we forgot she made a movie with them. "Um we only know one other song and it's sorta by One Direction?" i said questionly. "As long as it's not What Makes You Beautiful you can sing it," Simoen said. "OK we are going to sing Over Again."

S: Said I never leave her because her hands fit like my t-shirt. Tounge tied over three words. Cursed.Running over thoughts that make my feet hurt, body intwined with her lips. Shelby sang beautifully everybody completly shocked but me and Ayah.

A:Now she feeling so low since she went solo whole in the middle of my heart like a polo. And it's no joke to me so can we do it all over agian? Ayah sang just like niall she has a gift and can replica anybody singing voice.

We sanged together on the chouros then Shelby sanged Harry's part leaving me to do Louis's part I know I shouldn't be that nervous but to me that the best part of the song.

B: Tell me with your my body and spirit, I can make your tears fall down like the showers that are British. Whether we're together are apart we can both remove the marks and admitted we regret it from the start. Everybody was shock including me it sounded just amazing!

      When we finish the song there was big cheers the judges had to settle them down. "Well girls I defintly was not expecting that I was expecting the wrost actually!" Simoen said still shocked. "That was amazing girl and you seem so professional," L.A. said making us laugh. "I loved you guys form the minute you walked in!" britney said. "We love you to Britney!" we all said together causing them to laugh. "OK now we are going to vote Demi?" Simoen said. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "Congrats yyou have four yeses!" Brintey said we were jumping up and down like maniacs.

We won the whole season and it felt amazing we were so Haooy and now we are world wide famous shocking how one performanse can change your life.





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