Falling for him again

Katie is suprised by her friend with one direction backstage passes when she
Meets Harry once againh


1. Suprise

As i walked up to my friends house I realized how late it was and i probably wasnt going to make it home.She had called so quickly I had no time to object."Katie you'll never beleive what i have"she screamed as i walked in."let me guess one direction tickets"i said totally not prepared for the reaction to my guess."how did you know its like you read my mind"lexi said amazed. I flashed back to my last run in with one direction i remembered how Harry Styles had confesed his love for me we had been a happy couple for months before he went on tour and Practically destroed me."I also have backstage passes"she said snapping me into reality. "No" i said rudely "Im sorry but i cant go my mom needs me at home"i added quickly. "Then lets ask her i mean this is one direction who wouldnt want to go"lexi said as she took out Her phone and dialled my moms number after a while of "uh huhs"and"i understand" she hung up and told me the news "She said you can go!" She squeled and i nearly passed out.
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