Sticks And Stones

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will ALWAYS hurt me.


1. Her Story

She’s been hurt.




Too many to count.

She has trouble trusting people,

And some wonder why.

Why? Because she always ends up getting hurt.

How can you stay strong when all the walls are always coming down?

She stands up, and tries with all her might to be strong.

Maybe if you knew story, you’d understand her cries.

But there’s reasons why she’s so broken.

Her family and friends both murdered.

And if that isn’t bad enough-

They were killed right in front of her.

She’s been alone ever since,

Alone with her sorrows.

No friends,

No family,

No one to tell her to keep her head held high.

I think I would be broken too,

And tired of it all.

She needs someone,

Someone to care for her,

Love her,

And tell her that she is worth it.

Worth everything in the world- and more.

Someone to tell her how beautiful she is,

To tell her how much she is loved.

But she has no one,

To protect her from harm.

And to make things worse- she’s bullied.

Constantly told to kill herself,


After day,

After day,

After day.

She breaks even more everyday,

With no one to help her.

She is covered in scars-

Battle signs.

Both physically,

And mentally.

And they remind her everyday,

Of how many times she has been hurt.

Scars that will remind her of the past,

In the future.

They will never leave,

Never forgotten.

Even if she runs- tries to get away,

The hurt just follows.

But she needs someone, to help cover the scars

To get her through the pain.

Hope is the only thing keeping her strong.

Hope that someday,


Will save her.

But that hope is no more.

She’s tired,

She’s done.

All this trying and hope has gotten her no where-

Helped her with nothing.

Is it really the end-

Or is it just the beginning?

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