Jess Malik is a normal 17 year old girl.But when she uploads a video of her brother and his mates goofing around and sing things begin to change......rapidly


1. The Video


I was laying in bed on my phone when i heard all the laughing. i walked down our loud creaky steps and walked to the living room. there sat my unbelievably annoying brother Zayn with his best mates Louis, Niall, Harry, and Liam. they were watching music videos on the telly Katy Perry's Firework was playing and they were goofing around and singing along. to be honest they weren't half bad so i took a video with my phone. After i went back to my room and put the video online. "Jess mom says diners ready come down here." "just a minute Zayn" "no now " "not yet ill be right down." then a bunch of footsteps came up the stars and i was picked up by the boys and carried downstairs they are so stubborn.

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