I love you..<3

Sophia and Brandon have just got together and with so many people trying to break them up, will they survive high school together?<3


1. one

Brandon Welling is now a contact.


Brandon - hello xx

Me - hey xx

Brandon - I need to tell you something, and I don't care what you think, I just think you should know.. xx

Me - erm, okay?xx

Brandon - I like you, Sophia. I really really like you. And I don't know what to do about it. I've liked you for ages, but I have just never had the courage to tell you. I've seen you go out with asses such as Oscar, and I've seen you in tears... And I don't want you to be with another ass, and I don't want to see you in tears. I want to see you happy and with me.

Well this was a complete surprise to me to be quite honest. Never in the world did I think that Brandon would ever come out with something like this. It's weird because I was talking to his brother, Mathew, last night and he said that Brandon never shuts up about me. But really, I thought he was joking.

Then today at school, I was at rehearsal for my performing arts group and afterwards me and Oscar had met up and he was going on about how Brandon had mentioned something about liking a year nine and someone had asked them if it was me and he just ignored them, blushing. I thought Oscar was just having my life. After all, it was Oscar. He does have a rather funny humour, to be honest.

But no. Brandon actually likes me! Oh my god!

Brandon - are you there, Sophia? I didn't mean to scare you, I just had to tell you, I couldn't keep it a secret for much longer. I am sick of you being so upset.

Me - Brandon, believe it or not. I like you too. I have liked you for a while, but never thought you would ever like me back, so I didn't even bother trying to go out with you.

Brandon - Oh my god, this is amazing! I didn't think you liked me, because you had just finished Oscar....

Me - No no. I've liked you for ages. Ever since I would see you all of the time at lunch times, I have liked you. I just thought we had some sort of connection. But I just kept ignoring myself from thinking it because I didn't actually think you liked me like anything other than a friend

Brandon - will you go out with me, Sophia?


Oh my god, I didn't know what to say. I just sat there looking at my blackberry curve for about ten minutes before proper thoughts starting forming in my mind. At first the words that went together in my mind, didn't make any sense. Then the fact that Brandon, the cutest, most talented piano player in the school, had just asked me out! Me. Sophia. The girl who is ugly and fat and cannot sing and cannot dance and cannot act... Why?

Me - of course I will<3

Brandon - Oh my god, that is amazing! I love you, Sophia. You may think it is too early in the relationship to be saying this but I don't. I know for a fact that I love you. <3

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