Blink~Everything Changes.
Bernadette knew who she was, she was happy with her life. She's the princess afterall. But what happens when truths are revealed and secrets are told.
Will she still know who she is? Or will she turn her back on the life she had.


1. Meeting

I pull my jacket closer to my body, no one can know who I am. That would get me into a lot of trouble back at the palace.

Ya, that's right. Palace. I live there.

The names Bernadette... Princess Bernadette. Daughter of King Frances and Queen Olivia. I am the youngest of my siblings. I have two older brothers, Prince Peter and Prince Luke. I also have an older sister, Princess Rosaline. Peter and Rosaline are stuck up in my opinion, but my mother says they are acting like proper royalties. Unlike Luke and myself. Luke's best friend is the baker boy, from what Luke has told me he seems like a perfect gentleman, ok maybe not a gentleman but he seems really fun.

Anyways I was telling you about myself... I have long wavy blonde hair that reaches the dimples on my lower back I have a light spray of freckles on my cheeks and nose. I have big green-blue eyes that change from blue to green and vise versa between different days. They are really beautiful. I am also fairly short, only 5'4'' but that's ok, I don't mind as long as I'm not being bullied about it. I'm also sixteen years old.

"Do you have any money?" A small ragged man asks me as I pass him just beyond the gates into town.

"Sure... Here you go." I say pulling out a small roll of bills. It had to be around $150 in that one roll that I had grabbed before leaving. I watch as his eyes get wide, I place the money in his hands giving him a wide, kind smile.

"Th-thank you!" He exclaimed dropping to his knees beginning to tear up.

"You're welcome, have a good day." I giggle, smiling before walking away. I hug my long jacket around me again. My body feeling warmer from happiness, but because it is the middle of winter the snow and wind kept nipping at my nose and cheeks. Even the joy of helping out someone in need couldn't fix that.

I make my way into the town streets. So far no one has noticed me... good. I was going to the bakery. Like had asked me to go for him to pick up the order that he had placed the week before. I had agreed on the terms that he take me to the river later for skating. Maybe I am sixteen but, I don't like going to the river, or anywhere really, alone. Toady was an exception. King Victor and Queen Charlotte were visiting with Princess Evangeline and Prince Zeke. I would give any reason not to be there. Zeke... my friend. But, he was a prince, so in any department I was screwed, arranged marriages after all.

I stand just outside the town bakery. I look through the window to see a tall, strong looking boy with short brown hair on top of his head. He was very good looking. That is all I will say... for now. I step into the shop and the sweet smell of bread and pastries wafts to my nose. I breathe in and sign happily, I then notice the boy looking at me with searching eyes.

"Yes...?" He asks coming to stand in front of me, wiping the flour from his clothes. I giggle noticing that he has some flour on his eyelashes. "What?" he smiles cheekily at me.

I lift my hand to his face and go on my tiptoes so I can lightly blow the flour out of his lashes.

"You had flour in your eyelashes." I say once I let my hand fall and stand on my feet again.

"Oh, well thanks." he blushes at the ground. But me being short, I can see it perfectly. Is this Luke's friend? I think to myself.

"So, are you new here?" He asks walking over to the counter to take my order.

"Nope." I say emphasizing the 'p' sound.

"Oh, I have never seen you around, so what can I get you?" he asks casually.

"I don't really get out a lot, it's kinda frowned upon." I say shrugging. I then hand him the slip of paper Luke had given me earlier that morning for the order.

"Palace order? Do you work there?" He asks smirking.

"You could say that." I giggle, he really doesn't know who I am?!

"Cool! One of my friends lives there." He explains as he shuffles around grabbing the items on the list.

"Really?" I don't know why I'm keeping up this charade, but I pretend I don't know.

"Ya, would you believe me if I told you it's the prince?" he winks at me talking in a low voice. I giggle and blush.

"Well, you haven't given me any reason to not trust you." I say back.

"I would never lie to a pretty girl like you." Gosh he was such a flirt! He places the order form and the items on the counter and I place a pile of money on the counter. His eyes grow big at the amount. "I think that's a little much, love."

"Oh, well how much do I owe you... er..." I was going to say his name but I didn't want him to know I already knew it.

"Anthony," He says smiling at me. "And only $12, and a kiss." He winks.

"A kiss?" I ask shocked but still blushing madly.

"Well not many beautiful girls come in during the weeks and it gets lonely. Besides if you kiss me, you will come back again." He smiles cheekily.

"How do you know I will come back?" I giggle.

"Babe, I am irresistible." He chuckles. "Its the eyes." I look into his bright blue eyes.

"Hmm... well how about, you can keep all this." I say gesturing towards the money that I had placed on the counter, maybe $400 was in the pile. "And I will promise to come back, but no kiss, I barely know you."

"Fine, no kiss and you come back... soon." He winks then goes straight faced. "But your not giving me the money."

"Fiiiine, do you have a larger bag that I can carry these ho-to the palace with?" I ask sweetly. He nods then walks to the far side and I toss all the money but $20 into the 'TIP' jar.

"Here you go beautiful." He smiles bringing a large paper bag over and begins putting all the items into it.

"Thank you Anthony." I say before picking up the bag. "I will see you around." I begin to walk away.

"Wait!" He yells coming to me from behind the counter. "I never got your name."

"Oh.." I giggle. " It's Bernadette." I smile at him.

"Hah, that's the princess' name!" He chuckles.

"I know." I smile up at him and give him a knowing wink. I leave the shop, also leaving a wide eyed, and shocked Anthony behind.




"Wait!" I yell and run towards her. "I never got your name."

"Oh.." She giggles, man she's cute! "It's Bernadette." She smiles at me and I feel my heartbeat quicken.

"Hah, that's the princess' name!" I chuckle at the coincidence

"I know." She smiles a knowing smile and winks at me. My jaw drops and my eyes grow wide. It can't be! Wait, maybe she was just kidding... I mean, she doesn't act like a princess... but then again Luke doesn't really act like a prince either. Maybe it is just a coincidence.

I shrug it off and go back to work, but my mind keeps wandering back to that beautiful blue eyed, blonde haired, freckled girl. I'm not really one to flirt with the customers but... Opportunities like that don't come around often.

Bernadette... so pretty.



*Author's note*

Ok so I couldn't wait to start posting the chapters for this movella. So ta-da!

I hope you enjoyed the first chapter!

Please comment to let me know if I should continue this movella or just scratch it all together.

I'm going to post a new chapter every Saturday. This way I have a schedule unlike my other two stories.

Ta-ta for now!


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