Deeply In Love With You

This is a continued and starting version of Deeply In Love with you-Renesme Blue...She's a very close friend of mine and sadly she's not updating, so I decided to continue it for her and re-start it with details, I hope you enjoy it!


1. Just a Bit of Things to Understand

Jessy's P.O.V:

Hi, I'm Jessy. I have 4 best friends I dearly love, Mariam, Zeina, Salma, and Joanne. We all live in the same house and it's huge! Salma and Joanne share a room, Mariam and Zeina share another...and as for me? I have my own room, I hate sharing a room. My personality is kind of a prankster. I'm funny, evil, cute, and innocent. I believe in hate at first sight. We all know each other really well, besides for Mariam. She never met any of her uncles and she doesn't like to talk about them much. It sometimes pisses me off when she tries to change the subject...she just won't tell me what happened! But yet, she trusts me the most. Here's a bit of personalities from each person. Joanne likes to eat anything and she's never full. She's...well ummm...I'm not sure how to describe her. We all have this one person we can't describe, huh? Joanne's sweet but she doesn't like to share things that are precious to her, like food, sweets, and friends. Salma is very innocent. She most certainly cannot lie! I once needed her help by letting her lie to the police about a crime, and it was just a little lie!!! It was the color of my shirt! She's the kind of person who takes care of a dad in his family, except Salma is a she's the mommy! Aha..! Zeina is the kind of person who hates it when someone ruins her hair or smashes an egg in it for their own entertainment ;) She likes to take things in a romantic style, weird because she doesn't have a boyfriend :/. Mariam thinks about things in a..umm.. well unusual and different view. She likes to hang out with boys and watch horror movies. She loves fashion! So I guess you get the point. The most important thing that brought us together was some band which is very special, One Direction. They re-united us even though we knew each other already. They made us this close to each other and I don't know where I would be if I haven't met these people in the first place, not people, aliens. No human I have met is this kind, so I certainly don't believe they are human, so I guess they're aliens. I love them so much! (This was an exaggeration  They're not really aliens...LOL) So See ya in my point of view...BYE!

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