Moving to a new school, Alexis Scott doesn't know who to trust. Her parents thought she was insane, her best friend was all the way back home and she was stuck with no one but herself.
Until she walked into her first class and spotted an empty seat next to a boy at the back.
Would she finally be able to fit in?
Or would her secret betray her once again?


1. Prologue

                                               "Hell is empty, and all the devils are here."

                                                                                      ~ William Shakespeare

                                                                                     'The Tempest'



There will always be another secret to share.

Another truth the uncover.

Another tale to tell.

But I will never share my secret.

Or uncover my truth.

Or tell my tale.

Until now.

This is the story of the undying love. Of the fatal friendships. Of the torturous events that to this day, have forever been a secret.

But not anymore. Now I shall tell a story that even I myself would hesitate to read. A story of an angel.

A story of the Hidden.



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