My jouney to reach my dreams :)

hey im marina im 15. my favourite colour is greeen. i love little mix and one direction. my dream is to get somewhere in the music buisness but will it actually happen? who knows? ;)


1. gcse options :S

Marnia's POV

"so what are you going to choose?" emma askes me

"not sure really want to do performing arts but-" i was cut of by my sister pulling up by the side of us.

"hey tink (her nickname for me) hey emma sorry to pull you away but we need to get home now dad wants us home" she says while roling her eyes. i gave emma a 'sorry ill make it up to you look' while plopping into the front seat.

"so kate why does dad want us back so quick?" i ask my sister

"dunno probs to yell at us for not keeping our rooms clean or out for tea?!" she said while drumming her nails on the stearing wheel.

"oh right.."

we pulled into the drive of our detatched house on park avenue. it has 5 bed rooms and 3 bathrooms. when we got out of the car i nearly walked into dad who was loading up his car with boxes?

"hey dad, whats all this?"

"hey spud oh well the short story is we are moving up to london for your gcse's so you can do your performing arts" he said with a huge grin on his face.

"wha-a-at we are! :D "i gave him a huge hug "but i thought i had to audition to get in?"

"you do but the head mistress looked at the other shows you have been in and says thats enough evidance that you have talent"

okay news flash the high school of performing arts in london my dream school has said i have talent and they want me there!! WTfudge!!??


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