The Oddball

Okay so let me get this strait...I'm a wizard? Like the ones with the pointy hats and the long white beards and the giant silver shiny staff?
Well, I guess that's not exactly it, but honsetly I was close.
My name is Billie.
I have always wanted to travel, but maybe this trip took me a little too far...or maybe not.
At least Hugo is nice to me...


1. That Owl

Okay, so it started out as a pretty rough morning.

I woke up to Linda's oversized way to loud alarm clock. And of course it was Saturday!

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I hate her, I just really don't like her. Maybe she should find a man other than my dad, maybe a man her own age, but I guess I'm stuck with her. If only she tried to act a little more mature than she actualy is. At least breakfast wasn't a complete fail, we only had half of our kitchen burned down by "She who shall not be named!" Dad gets all tense when I call her that, but I really don't get it, I guess he's just defensive about that 24 year old girlfriend he found himself.

I don't blame him though, after mom got shot by a crazy man, he has been really depressed. I never really got to know mom, she was always off on "secret official buisness". She only stopped by to visit twice a year and she always said it was for "my own good", but obviously not for her's.

After Linda's failed attempt at breakfast I settled to finishing my three paged essay on "The Ming Dynasty of China", when we got a knock on the door. Dad had gone to do some groceries, and I was not going to let Linda open my front door and scare off anyone who might be visiting. In my mind she was Medusa, she managed to scare off anyone that she didn't like at first glance, so I ran down the stairs to open it myself (As lazy as I am).

I opened the door and a hobbo just walts through our front door. Well at the time I thought he was a hobbo. All dirty and he was holding an owl....what normal person holds an owl as they walk in to someone's house uninvited? So, I paniced.

"Linda!" I screamed.

"Linda Help! Crazy man at the front door!" I screamed louder.

"Oh Billie no need to worry, I'm not that crazy" The man said.

"How do you know my name?" I shouted as confidently as I could in a moment of panic. I grabbed a candle stick from the side counter and heald it infront of me as he walked closer.

"I'm sorry, it seems I havn't formally introduced myself. I'm Hagrid! And I was just here to give you this." He heald the owl infront of my face.

"An owl?" I asked.

"No no no, the letter." He corrected.

I slowly reached for the leter and when I finaly touched my finger to it, Linda came in shouting.

"Would you keep it down creap? I'm trying to--" She saw Hagrid. "W...HOW....what are you doing here!" She shouted at Hagrid.

"You know Hagrid?" I asked, but I was ignored.

"The better question here is whatare you doing around a young wizard?" Hagrid shouted back and heald a stick out infront of him pointing it at her.

Okay, this officialy got weird...

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