The Witch of the Well

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  • Published: 6 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 6 Apr 2013
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A woman. Born ugly. Treated terribly. Shunned, and pushed away. Living on her own. When she becomes the victim of a cruel attack, and finds herself drowned in the well in her garden, she tries to avenge herself in the form of haunting. She now takes the name, The Witch of the Well. This is the woman who created the tradition of Witches.


1. The Witch of the Well


   Lavinia. She was born in the 18th century. She was born with a crooked nose, and warts plastered on her face. Her skin was a pale green colour because of the ointment her mother smothered on her skin every day. Lavinia was found in the street as a child, with a piece of stone held in her tiny hand. The stone had her name scratched inside it.


   Lavinia was found by a priest, as everyone else had turned away from the poor child. From that day on, the girl was brought up in the church, until her 18th birthday. When Lavinia left the church, she wore a large hat over her head, to shield her face. However, people could still see what lay beneath. People teased her, and jeered at her, calling her the ‘local freak.’ So, she decided to leave the town. For good.


   What she didn’t know is that a band of people from the town followed her. As she walked through the forest, her black dress ripped and tore at the hem, and as twigs pulled on her hair it became rough and straggly.


   She found an empty spot in the wood, and set about building a home. When it was finished, she realised she had no water supply, and so she went into the back of the garden and screamed. She called the Gods and Christian Father’s as she had been taught. The town’s people heard and trekked into the woods, to see Lavinia scream. The town’s people thought that she was casting a spell or enchantment, and declared her, a ‘Witch.’ Shortly after the tows folk departed, a hole opened in Lavinia’s garden, to reveal an underground fresh water stream.


   The character of Lavinia was new, and so was this name ‘Witch’. All were warned to stay away from her, and if she came to the town, all were instructed to burn her alive. The town’s folk grew to hate Lavinia with every fibre, because the stream she used for her well was the same supply that the town’s people used.


   Lavinia’s clothes left much to be desired, and the image of a Witch was born through her. She wore a pointy hat, to channel her brainwaves, and her black cat was her only friend. She used a broom to sweep leaves from the well and her house.


   One cold dark night, two men from the town took weapons to Lavinia, and waited dark into the night until she went to fetch some water. They crept behind her, and pushed her down into the well. When she disappeared from view, they through in their weapons, only to hear bloodcurdling screams of the Witch. Now green smoke shrouds her house and home, and wherever she treads a trail can be followed. Only the trail will end in death.


   Lavinia’s ghost continued to haunt the town, and now every suspicious woman or girl is compared to her. A black cat, a broom, pointy hat, a ripped black dress. From Lavinia’s image, all witches in the world are born, and follow.

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