My Strength

Even though she had hard times in the past, Stav decided to move on and to live her life like any other teenaged girl. Going out, finding the love of her life and finding out who her real friends are.
She doesn't know what will happen next and how her boyfriend, the love of her life, will react when she'll tell him about her past.
Surprises and memories come from everywhere - for the best and for the worst.


1. Friends

After a few dates, Harry decided to introduce me to his friends. This amazing man with the green eyes and the brown curly hair was the first one who looked at me as a normal person. But it was just because I haven't told him my story, yet.

Harry came to pick me up from my hotel and we went to his house. His friends were already there because they all lived together.
I knew we might go out so I wore my tight and sexy red mini dress with my black hills and handbag.

"Hey everyone, meet my amazing girlfriend, Stav." Harry said as we walked in.
"Hey!" Everyone said.
"Hey!" I said.
Harry took my hand and introduce everyone.
"These are Louis, Zayn, Liam and Niall." Harry said and pointed at them so I'll know who is who.

We sat in the living room and talked.
"So, how did you two lovebirds meet?" Liam asked.
Harry looked at me and I looked at Harry. We laughed.
"I was trying a dress in a store on Oxford Street and Harry came inside and started talking to me. It was weird but cute. And then Harry said he has to go so he asked for my phone number so we will meet again and in the same night we went out." I said.
"You forgot the part when we talked about your tattoo and the part when I called you after I got out of the store just to make sure it's your real phone number!" Harry said and everyone laughed.
"Oh, yeah, that happened too." I said and continued laughing.

"Where are you from? You don't have a British accent." Zayn asked.
"I'm from Israel. I came with my mom to London for 3 days and I decided to stay even though my mom went back to Israel. Oh and Harry, I also forgot to say that I was with my mom in the store." I said.
"Yeah! How is your mom?" Harry asked.
"She's fine, I talked to her earlier." I said.
"I've never heard this name before, Stav, does it have a meaning?" Zayn continued asking.
"Actually it does have a meaning. Stav is Autumn in Hebrew. The Autumn officially starts in September 21st and I was born on September 20th so it's like I bring the Autumn. And my parents loved this name." I said.
"Really!? I didn't know that!" Harry said.
"You've never asked about my name!"
"That's so cool!" Zayn and Harry said together.
"Thanks" I smiled.

"How old are you, little carrot?" Louis asked.
"Little carrot?" I said and everyone laughed.
"I forgot to tell you, Louis has something with carrots." Harry whispered in my ear.
"I'll be 18 tomorrow, carrot man." I said.
"So why are we here!? Lets go celebrating!!!!" Louis said with excitement and got up of the couch.
"Yeah!! Lets go!!" Zayn agreed.

We all got up and went toward the cars.

"Babe go to my car, I'll be right there." Harry told me and I could see on his face that he is worried.
"Harry, what's wrong?" I asked.
"I don't know. Niall is just quiet and it's not like him at all." Harry said and went towards Niall.

I got into Harry's car and Louis came inside too.
Zayn and Liam got into Liam's car.
Harry and Niall finally came towards the cars. Niall got into Liam's car and Harry got to his.

"Hazza, is everything alright!?" Louis said.
"Yeah." Harry said and smiled.

I could see that's a fake smile. I used to fake smiles all the time so I know when someone is faking.

After a few minutes, we were outside a karaoke bar.
I tool Harry's hand and made him stop walking.

"Harry!" I said.
"You know you can tell me everything, right?" I said and hoped he would understand that I know that something is going on.
"What are you talking about?" Harry asked.
"I know you faked the smile when Louis asked in the car if everything's alright. I know there's something going on." I said and I could see it was hard for Harry.
"Niall..., Niall told me..." Harry stuttered.
"What did Niall told you?" I said as I hugged him.
"He said I stole his dream girl. You are his dream girl." Harry said and almost cried.
"You didn't steal nothing. I'm not an object that someone can steal. I'm a person who can choose. And I chose you!" I said and looked Harry in the eyes.
"Stav, I love you!" Harry said.
"I love you too, Harry!" I said and Harry kissed me.

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