Wolf Island: New Prince Of Deathshadow

((Book 1)) A new pup arrives to the pack. He is known as Prince Zachary. He thinks being in a pack is all fun and games, but learns that the pack life is much harder than he thought....


1. Prologue

   The darkness of the night sky covered the land. The only light shining down was the twinkling stars and the quarter moon high above. A black male wolf jumped over rocks and fallen trees trying to get to his camp. He finally made it with a pigeon hanging from his jaws. He was out of breath. The cold breeze hit his black fur strong and hard. He looked up from the meadow of the camp and up at rocks piled on top of each other.He climbed up a stack of rocks that were made like stairs. When he made it to the top, there was an entrance between the rocks. His cave. He slowly stepped into the darkness of his home. He kept walking until he saw the white fur of his beautiful mate. Her white fur shown through the night.

   She sensed him in the cave. She opened her eyes slowly and lifted her head as her kind eyes hit his. He smiled down at her then dropped the freshkill in front of her. Something small, furry, and grey snuggled beside her. She rubbed her nose against the little furball. A smile showed on the black wolf's lip. The little one nestled by her belly was his new born son.

   "What's his name?" he asked quietly. He was trying not to wake the wolf pup up. He licked the blood off his lips and kept his eyes on the grey pup.

   "I named him after my great grandfather," she looked at him then back at the grey male pup,"Zachary." She smiled at the little guy and so did the black male wolf. After the white she-wolf was done with her meal, she lied back down to rest with the pup still lying on her stomach. The male wolf lied down with the two with little Zachary in the middle. All of them fell fast asleep and warm.

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