Thousand Years

in this story you will know real and true love, what does destiny means, and what does friendship really means...because true love can wait even for a thousand years...


1. Welcome Home


                I stood on the airport holding a sign that w/ the words like "Boo Bear", "My Superman", and "My Carrot King"...I decided to welcome home louis at the airport...we haven't see each other since 2 years...Louis is now 21 and me is also 21...we became friends since we are 6, are moms are best friends, then our moms chose to introduce their son and daughters to each other, and after we met, we played at the park, w/ tickle wars, then later on we became best friends. But now, i really miss Louis like crazy.


I saw Louis in the gates, and then i came running to him then i dropped the sign that i was holding, and hugged him tight saying " i really miss you boo" while breaking the hug and looking directly at his crystal blue eyes...

"I miss you too baby aby" he whispered into my ears

"why are you still calling me baby aby?, I am not a baby anymore...i am now more matured than before" i said putting my hands in my pocket

"but you are still my baby and of course, MY BEST FRIEND, you Abygail Stella Jane Smith, you are my best friend and nobody will change that thing" he said while holding my hands, i can have a lot of best are still my no.1 best friend....the one that makes me happy when I'm sad....the one that knows all of my secrets...and the one that I love" my heart skipped faster when he said the word I love, what he is trying to say? "yes...of course I also love a FRIEND...." i said in a low tone...."umm...let's go home now so we can take a rest" he said grinning "i think you are now tired and also me...don't worry i will the one that's gonna drive the car.."

He drive the car for me..what a gentleman he is!...I am just looking at him all the time while he is driving... I realized that I really missed Louis, his touch, his smile, his voice, he being a sassy man, his everything.... He is just PERFECT for me...but even though he is not perfect...I will still accept him...because I love him just the way he is...the way he smile and the way he act normal....the way he treat me as a Best Friend.... He is now in a world of fame. Well being a singer is his dream, to be famous, to be a cover of a magazine, at first he don't want to be a singer, he actually want to be a science teacher. Well, I am the one who forced him to join the Theater Club in our school...not being boastful but I am the reason why he is now famous. I am the one who is comforting him and I am also the one who forced him to auditioned to X Factor...

" Here we are!!!" he said excitedly as he open the door for me. I can say that he is such a gentleman, "  Hey  wait Lou....are you staying in my house during your vacation?" i replied

"umm well if its okay to you...but if not its okay" he said in a low tone " I just want to spend the 30 days by your side and no one else with cause I've lost communications with you... I want some bonding time with you babe"

"of course i will....I also want some quality time with you cause I missed you for 2 years" 



I am so happy these days because i am now w/ my best friend lou...I know that it has been so long since we saw each other faces...If this is only a dream, I don't want to wake up then..but this is a reality, this is real, Lou is w/ me now....My cheeks started to burn when he said on the airport that no one else can change our friendship...Louis really like girls that are always blushing....i can be that girl everyday because I am w/ him, I am w/ my best friend. Yes, i will say that I have a little crush on Lou...since we are 6, I started to have a little feelings for him...he don't know that he is my crush....I hope that he has a feelings for me like what I feel to him....but Lou has a girlfriend now, i know that Eleanor is very pretty, very tall, and I am sure that she loves Lou very much and Lou loves El very much...they are pretty in love w/ each other...ughh, best friends are better than girlfriends and boyfriends...


i think i am now being inlove w/ abygail, w/ my BEST FRIEND.....she doesn't have any boyfriend, but i have a girlfriend, and i love El w/ all my heart...but my mom says that bestfriends are better than girlfriends and boyfriends that are one of the quotes that me and aby are believing....but, does aby also have feelings for me like what i feel for her...uhh...i hope so..since we are 6 years old i had a little feeling for Aby...but, when we are just kids...she is the campus crush on our school...she has a crush before that time...but that is not me, we tell all of our secrets to each other...but, i don't want to say to her that i have feelings for her, maybe we will not be friends anymore if i say that to her...


I sat on the couch handling the remote by my hand and turning the T.V. on, when i watched the eyes became bigger on what i saw...I saw on the news that Eleanor is w/ an another the pictures, i can see that they are w/ holding hands, w/ their lips kissing...OH WHAT THE FUCKING SHIT!! what are they doing???....I can't believe that Eleanor cheated on me...I hate her!!! I hate her? I hate Eleanor Jane Calder...she is such a bitch!!! I checked my phone and I saw El calling...I answered it..."Lou sorry, I don't mean to do it..." ......" We are now over El" I said to her ending the call


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