The End Of Us

Harry and Louis stand on the stage everyone is quiet no screaming and cheering just sobbing a lot of it. They had to tell them the news but they already knew and Harry and Louis are being blamed all their friends gone from the world. This was the end of us.


1. The worst day of our lives

Harry,Niall,Zayn,Liam and Louis sat on the couch laughing at a joke louis just said. They were all happy untill Liam brought up if he was coming to the party tonight. Your coming to the party right. Liam said U hh...Louis and I were going to go see a movie with Eleanor. Harry said Oh... Ok Never mind you will just miss another party. Liam said witha hit of anger in his voice. I will come to the next one Liam Harry said. Yeah Whatever Harry Niall said as Liam walked out of the room and Zayn followed. They were all looking at Harry bad. They came back out an hour later all looking at Harry bad when Niall leaned over and harshly whispered It is his birthday idiot. Harry just sat there and laughed while Louis jumped up and went over to Liam and hugged him and whispered into his ear Happy Birthday sorry I forgot. Liam smiled at him and they left and Harry followed them out so he could go get the car and him and Louis could go to the movies and meet Eleanor. They got to the movies and Eleanor was waiting for them. They went into the movie and Eleanor got a text saying that the boys were really mad at Harry for being a complete jerk. Eleanor looks at Harry with a dirty look. The movie ends and they leave for dinner when they come up to a car wreck. They all get out and run to see who it is and Eleanor screams when she sees Niall covered in blood and Liam not moving in the drivers seat. Zayn was already covered up and was pronounced dead at the scene. Louis was crying and holding Eleanor close and Harry was on his knees crying his eyes out. They got Liam out of the car and try to revive him but it was no use he was already dead. Niall was the only one still alive untill he started to cough up blood and then he passed out. They doctors tried to revive him too but again it was no use. None of them had lived and Harry was blaming himself. This was the end of us.
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