Its about the guilt that slowly eats you up....when your partner remain silent about your crime.


1. guilt

It feels like the night is closing in on me, the darkness would eat me up, and i will be lost somewhere in the universe.without a sign. This night is lying between you and me, the silence separating us from within, I fear not to fall apart.


I can't see your face, everything has turned so black and so far away and so have you. I know you too must be looking up for words in the silence but unable to make sentences. Though i could not speak i have a loud mind, there is noise inside me. My thoughts are all over the place...crowding. If only i could gather that courage to reach out and hold your hand. If only i could just touch your lips and read your mind. The air has become tense.

I feel breathless, choking on air itself. Your silent treatment is feeding my guilt. I want you to shout, show some resentment but you are just silent. I can feel your eyes on me i know you are awake i can sense your consciousness.

We both jus lay there...waiting for the endless night to somehow pass...... 

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