shall love be and misunderstandments PROHIBITIONS

Either missing a plane bye two minutes, or not being able to catch a Taxi by minutes, or walking by a light pole and waiting for the walk sign's green light to turn on from the redness by even seconds, life can change. Because they're all meant to be, you may think for the bad and for you to learn a big lesson from it. But, think positive, because everything turns out positive no matter what.
You maybe be missing that plane because in the next available plane, your seat mate turns out to be the mate you can't live without. Being late to a wedding due to unfindable Taxi's from the airport or so, will cause you not have to experience the one moment you have been dreading for months. So you will have no memory of this black hood in you and just that will make you happy. If you were a second early or late to a light pole you may have saved your life or be driven to a accident and arrived to you death.
-You have no gifted power of 'controlling' things, from birth. NO ONE DOES.


1. Prologue

This story is dedicated to... Someone who will be reading this soon. For all the misunderstandments and no way to explain. The core of this story is very true. A life experience, I would say. But, my drafts of this story have been way bloodier and too much dramatic due both to anger and sadness. And I hope this love story teaches you the real meaning of drama since it has been forgotten for centuries and scares you to ever be in any kinds of drama. This is a book about the power of love. And it has been written so no one knows the ending. Because, it may either be terrible or lovely to you. In any case you will have go along with the idea of the end, or simply use my method. Fix the ending of stories yourself if you don't like them.

"Gurur, hayatı altüst edip, tersine çevirebilir." -Asi 





 Just how to describe this future scene: Taxis, loud and unstoppable horns. Kissing and goodbyes. The roaming wind. And the clouds were crying just like the inside of her. There were more like tears than rain for her, splashing each drop into the windows of the cars. Like it's blaming us for the world's messed up generation, because those same tears have been cried over and over again since the world had ever faced the sun. And they may have met our dear God. The clouds wanted revenge. And they might get it, someday. 

The shelter was not what you would expect. Followed by the security check and thousands of people. The seats all full with belongings that people looked like they needed a nanny. A typical airport would definitely show you how a day care would look like (if you're a parent and not satisfied with your child). McDonald bags flying all over the floors. Trash cans filled. More than a million people and there's what 60 fast foods? How do those restaurants serve all and everyone? Windows high to the ceiling, with the line of airplanes outside marked by white paint on the ground where they should be parked.

It was chaos.

 She had no one. So no farewells for her, except for her own to herself. They say that you don't need a 'good luck' because you're already carrying that luck with you. You've been carrying it since the day you were born. That luck is just hiding from your hands and eyes until there's something worth to use that luck for. So you see, she's actually running away. Mid-July and it's early dawn. She looks behind and behind her but, also tries not to be suspicious.

Her Passport was checked by that same old creepy guy you have in every airport. She gave her creepiest and weirdest smile while he looked from her passport picture to her face. Well he defiantly also read: 

Name: Nielsen Atkinson

Nationality: USA 

Date of birth: 12 September 1994

Age: 18

Sex: F          Place of birth: Wichita Falls, Texas



She hurried along through that green windowed corridor, to the small airplane with her small black suitcase. Too small that you would assume that she will return soon. But, she's not coming back. Remember I said that she was running away. And runaways have no reason to comeback if at the first place they had a reason to runaway.   




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