Forget The Past

what happened when she leaves home and gets on the earliest flight out of the us? will she find love? a new family that loves her? new friends? or will her whole world come crushing down as the past might be too much to handle?


1. A Promise

"FLIGHT 382 TO MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA; FLIGHT 382 TO MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA IS NOW BORADING." the over head speaker announced. I picked up my bags up off the floor and walked over  to the lady, "ticket please." She said in a sweet voice. I handed her the ticket. "seat 23B." She said. I gave a slight nod and walked toward the plane, not looking back once.

 It took me a few minutes to find my seat. Hopefully I would have the seats to myself. I stuck my carryon in the cubbie bove the seats and sat down next to the window. I checked my phone one last time before turning it off. I five texts and twenty missed calls. I opened the first text,

from; Davin.

where are you? 

I closed it and went to the next one.

from; Mom.

hunny, where are you? you're not at the house and.. i'm worried. call me when you get this?

 took a deep breath and read the next one.

from; Trey.

where the hell are you? your mom called freaking out.. she's worried, and so am I. please don't do anything stupid..

I had to blink back the tears that where therating to fall, and read the next one.

from; Kallie.

I told him. you where right, he's does love me. I was shocked. Davin came over, he busted up the whole house, he was crying and kept repeating 'she's gone'  over and over again. he passed in my from crying. where the hell are you?

I knew he loved her. I knew he'd go there before Nathan's. I read the last one.

from; Nathan.

Why did you make me do this. he's going to murder me you know? everything went as planed. I love you. Stay safe.

I texted Nathan back.

to; Nathan.

don't forget to keep your promise. x

I checked my missed calls, most of them from mom, but some from Davin. before I could turn my phone off I got a text.

from; Nathan.

I won't. xx

I turned my phone off as the announcement came on telling us to put our seat belts on. With that I took my Ipod out and put my headphones in I fell asleep listening to Lego House by Ed Sheeran.


heey guys, I know it's short, but I had to get it off my chest. Comment telling me if I should write more to it yeah? your opinion matters. <3

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