Who Am I Now?

This is a One Direction fanfiction. Yeah! so if you don't want to read it then don't.
What happens when One Direction get a helper in their band? Will their be romance? frustration? hate? disappointment? drama? *wink*
Really wil there.
You know I'm just going to wing it soo yeah......


1. Chapter 1

“Hi we’re One Direction” I sighed. I never thought I would be auditioning to be their guitar player. Why did this happen? Everyone in school is going to call me a fraud. “Thank You to everyone who came to audition as our new guitarist” said Curly as he winked at me. I was the only teenage girl there that could play. The other girls didn’t come to play just to meet their idols. “Okay I’m going to call all of you up one buy one” said guy in a plaid shirt. “But first everyone who can’t play please leave.” said a blonde.

Ugh! Can’t they hurry up! I took out my phone and scrolled through Facebook and updated my status. Then I went on twitter as curly walked behind me.  He was looking at my twitter on my phone “Excuse me” I told him. “Sorry Love” he told me. “Ugh! Don’t call me that please.” I said as I resumed to my phone. He left shortly after. Then I played 4pics 1word.

“Next is Raine.” said the black haired one. I stood up putting my phone in my pocket and grabbing my guitar. I walked into the audition room. It was a creamy yellow color. I sat down and played the guitar before they could even speak. I played one of their songs I actually bother to learn because of my friend’s birthday. She just loves them so much. After I finished playing they asked a couple of questions but I still kept playing just softer. It’s a habit what can I say?

“So how did you learn how to play?” asked the blonde. “I began to learn by myself when I was about 12 and then at the age of 14 I got lessons from one of my teachers.” They looked at each other and then the one with the stripes asked, “Is the guitar the only thing you can play?”  I looked at them and said, “Guitar is my major but I can play the Viola and Drums.”

The curly haired one smiled and then I asked. “By the way can you guys please tell me what your names are? I mean I’ve heard of all of you but I never learned the names.” The striped one had raised his eyebrow and then the one with the plaid shirt said pointing at everyone “I’m Liam, This is Louis, Harry, Niall, and Zayn.” He smiled. Then Harry took out his phone.

Afterwards my phone vibrated. It was a twitter thing. @Harry_Styles is now following you. I was confused. “Dude did you just follow me on twitter?” I asked raising my eyebrow. He smiled looking at the ground. He looked back up and said, “Yeah because you’re the only one that hasn’t screamed out our names” The others began to smile and Niall was laughing. “It true though. I think you may get the job.” Said Zayn. “Okay thanks. By the way when am I free to go?” I questioned looking at the time on my phone.

“Um, we have to go through one more person then we’ll just make a decision and then we’ll tell you afterwards.” Said Liam. I bit my lip and then Niall laughed saying, “In about 30 minutes.” I nodded and said bye they way and said goodbye to me too. I walked out the room and back to my seat from before as a guy with red hair and a red guitar walked in. He wasn’t bad looking. *Mental Slap* Ah, whatever I don’t even know the guy so what.

Maybe it would be best if I did get the job. I might be called fake at school but who cares what they think. Or should I say what Samantha thinks. Ugh, you think your cousin would actually like. Right? I have a messed up life, let’s just leave it at that. My cousin is just such a fake she tries to make me look like a bitchy psycho.         

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