Dancing Queen: A Harry Styles Fanfic

When Rylee,a directioner,becomes friends with one direction,
she becomes closest to Harry, they become so close that they
act that they're brother and sister,but what happens when Harry
starts to develop feelings for Rylee


1. Prologue

A/N- First,I just wanted to say thanks for choosing my fanfic, 

         It's my first time writing,so tell me what you think

          Thx a bunch 


Rylee's POV- My name's Rylee Mayfield, I have tan skin, brown eyes,my hair is brown and wavy,like Victoria Justice's

I'm 5'8", In school I have a group of friends that I can be myself around and not have to be somebody else and I'm in love with one direction,only two of my friends are as obsessed with them as much as I am, I'm in love with Harry, my friend Arielle Davies, looks just like me except she has red hair,like Ariana Grande,and I'm a year older,and she swears that she's going to marry Niall ,then there's Violet Summers,we call her "Vi", but she is a little bit lighter skined then me,she has black hair that's short,like a pixie cut, and she loves Zayn, all of us love to sing,dance,and,of course, obsess over one direction. We know that even though they probably don't know that we exist,I mean,come on,they wouldn't really find us,could they? 


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