It Cant Get Worse, Right?

Cassie, only 16, bullied, abused, and doesn't think she will ever be loved, until he showed up. Who is he? Will he save her? Problem is, he is in One Direction.


1. He Is Back and im out

  Ugghh my step father Jim is home. oh shoot, he is home! As I run down the stairs I trip and fall, hitting my head as I fall.

 "Whats wrong with you? Oh whatever, just get up and make me some food. NOW!" as Jim yelled he hit me and I went to the kitchen. I kept thinking "when he leaves to get his 'groceries' im getting out of here. ok finish the sandwich and grab ur peanut butter jar.'' I left the kitchen carrying the peanut butter jar under my arm. Whats funny is that the sandwich has something that will knock you out in it, u know just in case.

 "Well its about time!" he grabbed the sandwich and took a bite. hehe.

  "why do I feel-'' he passed out. I grab him and threw him in a closet.

 "you had it coming.'' I ran to my room.


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