Got Me Good

Rachel and harry have been dating for a year, and things are going pretty good. They have little arguements, but who doesn't? Only one thing, Harry is cheating on Rachel. Nobody knows...yet.


1. The Wedding Party



   "Oh my god, El. You looked so nervous." I ran over and hugged her. "Well, I didn't know what would happen." She smiled. "You look really pretty by the way." I said truthfully. "Thanks.You look good too." She smiled. "I'm gonna go sit with Harry." I walked away and smiled. "Okay."She yelled after me. "Hey, Harry."I said. "Hey!"He smiled. He put his arm around me and I smiled. "What are we doing later?"I asked. "Um, I have to go visit my mom."He said sounding nervous. "Oh... Tonight? Can't you leave tommorow? Instaed of leaving at.."I checked the time on my phone. "3 in the morning."I said. I was really sad. "Sorry, I have to leave tonight."He said. He's acting weird. "Oh."I said walking away.



    Harry's POV


   She seemed really.. Sad. Oh well, at least she doesn't know. I'm not visiting my mom. She kicked me out for a reason. I'm visiting Taylor. Ya know why. ;)  I've been cheating on her for a year. She still didn't find out. Neither did anyone else. So stupid. It's pretty obvious too. I'm never home, I'm always sweaty when I am home, There's always pictures of me and Taylor. I wonder what everyone will do when they find out. We'll just have to see.


   Liam's POV


   Harry's acting weird. I think he's hiding something. I have to find out what it is. If he's cheating, who knows what Rachel'll do. She'll be crushed. She loves him so much you wouldn't understand.


   Rachel's POV '


   His best friend just got married, and he's not even going to stay. What a bitch. Who does that? I saw Liam walk over to me. "Can I talk to you outside for a second?"He asked me. "Yeah sure."I said following him out. "What do you think is going on with Harry?"He asked. "I honestly don't know. Do you think he's-" "Cheating? Maybe."He said sadly. I frowned. "Do you really think?"I asked."Maybe I'm not sure. But there's only one way to find out."He said. "Follow him to his 'mom's house'."

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