Running Water

Have you ever wondered what water would say if it could speak? I have!


1. Joe

 There was once a water molecule named Joe. Joe was born in the East river, to parents with little money. Joe went to Little Water School, and when his teachers asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, he said he wanted to be a Frodualadgy water molecule. Frodualadgy was when the average water molecule is frozen with other WM (water molecules) then put in to drinks, coolers you name it, because that is when ice cubes are made. Now, Joe studied very hard and impressed everyone (even a few girls) but when he grew up, instead of majoring Frodualodgy, he majored in Sinkisism, which is very different from Sinkilisim. Sinkisism is when a WM is used as tap water. Joe went through the drainage system 30 times, had a wife and three children, then died of old age.

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