forever young

there will come the day when one direction sings they're last song, goes on they're last tour, and says they're last good bye. the day when fans are forced to accept there is no more one direction, they will take down they're posters, watch the interviews and video diarys one last time. this is the story of one directions good bye.


1. chapter 1

they were sitting in the room that began the best part of they're lives. no said anything for awhile. finally Liam patted Louis on the shoulder and started up the stairs that changed they're lives. they all sat down and stared into the camera, tears rolling down they're faces. the red light came on but no one said a word. finally Louis said, "hey guys..." no silliness in voice. "so this is the last video diary..." Louis looked around to see if any one was going to say anything and no one did he sighed and said, " this has been amazing and we could never have done this with out you guys." harry's said with his voice cracking, " we love you guys." tear were streaming down the 5 boys faces as they said, " we were one direction." the red light went off they hugged each other one last time. then left. when the video was aired the fan were shocked. as the boys grew old talk of the old band one direction grew slimmer and then almost nobody talked of them but there were still the fans who would never forget the 5 boys who changed their lives for ever.

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