I have only written one chapter so far and even thats not quite finished, but this is about a girl who is kidnapped and held hostage for 5 years and ends up falling for the guy who is responsible for watching her. My aim is to make the reader learn to love him too and end up understanding the main character Belle. Please leave comments, they are really appreciated, and any ideas for the plot would be nice too! :)


1. Prologue

 Some people thought I was crazy; they looked at me as if I were road kill that had been prodded with a stick until my back hit the kerb. Others pitied me, their eyes locked on mine, their hands grasping at their children pulling them in closer. But the majority-they thought of me as pathetic-hidden in my own bubble, brainwashed and clueless to what they thought had happened. They were all so wrong. Nothing they thought, or said, or mouthed to eachother thinking I wouldn’t see, hurt me, none of it. Why? Because it’s exactly what I wanted, no-one was going to stand in the way or make me take a second look at what I was slowly, but definitely, falling for. 

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