Elizabeth's big secret

Elizabeth is your average girl. She lives in a foster home with her foster sister/best friend, Hannah. Except Elizabeth has a deep secret that she's been keeping for a long time, that only Hannah knows. What happens when she meets 5 boys that change her life forever? Will her secret come out? Will she fall in love?


1. 6 years ago

Elizabeth pov

I was knocking on the care home door for about 3 minutes now. I was standing out in the cold and rain. I was shivering as I had no coat or an umbrella. I only had a t-shirt and some leggings on. I was still knocking on the door and then someone came out.

"You must be really cold. Come into my office. I'll be there in a minute just take a seat on a beanbag chair," said the care worker.

I went into the office. I don't remember what it looked like but I do remember a desk and chairs with a computer. Then the care worker came in.

"So why are you here," she said.

"Well..," I said.

I didn't know what to say. Could I tell her about what happened at home? I got a pen and pencil and paper so she could write it down:

I don't know how to say this so I am writing this down.

Since I can remember , my dad has abused me. My mum had cancer and didn't believe me. He punched me, hit me and kicked me. A few weeks ago my mum died. He abused me more. I have cuts and scars all over me. Today I couldn't take it any more so I left. I never looked back. I came here so I could tell some one. My friends don't even know.

The care worker read the note very carefully. She  wrote it down on her laptop. she told me I could stay here till I was fostered and eventually adopted. She told me to go to room 12. There I met some one who changed my life.

Hannah's pov:

I was on my laptop looking at my emails. My dad emailed me again.

Hey honey. I miss you. Please come back to me and Lola. I know I have phased you out so I sent you $300 check. Please forgive me.

love from dad.

Why did he always do this? He knew I hated him. He married this girl named Lola 5 months after my mum died. I never wanted to speak to him again. I turned my computer of.

5 minutes later , I saw someone outside. It looked like she had been standing there for 2 minutes only in a t-shirt and shorts. I thought I should tell the care worker.

"Hey Julie. Some one is at the door. She looks a bit cold from the rain and she has been waiting a long while," I said.

"Ok. Thanks Hannah," Said Julie.

I started listening to my music.

5 minutes later , some one came in my room there stood my new room mate... Elizabeth.

Elizabeth's pov:

I looked at my room mate Hannah she looked nice. I walked up to her.

"Hey I am Elizabeth. You must be my new room mate," I said.

"Yeah. I am Hannah. I am here as my dad married a girl so didn't pay any attention to me any more. So why are you here," said Hannah.

" Well my dad was abusive. My mum had been diagnosed with cancer so she was in bed a lot. I tried to tell my mum about it but she didn't believe me. A few weeks ago my mum died so my dad abused me now. I have cuts and scars all over me. Today, I couldn't take it any more so I ran away with the only things I had on. Some shorts and t-shirt. That ends my journey to here," I said.

"Wow. You left with no cloths. I want to give you something,"  said Hannah.

She pulled something out her bag.

"My dad really wants me back so he sends me checks. He sent me $300 and I want you to have it," said Hannah.

"I can't do that to you," I said.

"Take it. He'll give me more," said Hannah.

"Ok," I said as Hannah gave it to me.

From that moment on I knew she would be my friend and look out for me. Later that day I bought cloths and then I went to my new home which I spent along time at till I was fostered with Hannah.

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