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when Olivia Collins is taken to hospital after a car crash she thinks her life is over.... but her life takes a turn for the better when she meets a certain boy. he has blue eyes and blond hair.... But will things get better or worse for Olivia....


1. The Crash

-Olivia's POV -

I was in the car on the way back from Issy's house (we had been practicing we r auditioning for the X-factor in a months time!) when my phone rings, BEEP BEEP. I check it was Mum.

Me- hello?

Mum-hi darling was just wandering when you gunna be home??

Me- im on the way now, I cant really speak as I am driving !

Mum- oh ok! well drive safely!! love u!

BEEP. she ends the call

I look at my phone screen and I see I have an txt from an un-known number, I try to click on it but for some reason it wont open! I chuck my phone on the passengers seat and look back at the road.

I look up to see that I am about to hit this car I swerve and next thing I know im heading for a tree.

every thing goes black!

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