A Life For A Life

A severe snow storm hits the big city of London bringing along a horrible virus, infecting their bodies, slowly breaking down into a creature which has never been seen before in the human world.
Who will stop the virus?
"They killed my family, they turned them into something unseen before, therefore, I shall kill them, a life for a life..."


1. Chapter 1

I'm the only survivor left, at least I think. Splattered blood smears the walls as I venture through London, limbs, bones, the insides of humans lay spread across the roads creating a mournful feeling in my stomach. Even though I may not know half of these people which are now just pieces of meat, like a massive bomb has exploded from inside a slaughter house, leaving behind the trails. I almost feel as if every single person meant something to me, like every petal which means something to a rose, creating its existence, life.

I remember so vividly when they came and got my best friend Penny, I loved her, she was beautiful. The day was so calm and peaceful, the sun was shining. Suddenly snow started to fall so gracefully from the sky. We were both laughing at how strange we thought it was. But it all happened so quickly, within one turn I looked away from hearing a noise; I looked back and Penny was being dragged away, terror on her face as the blood trickled down her cotton candy pink cheeks. Her high pitched scream calling my name. I couldn't move, shock had struck me. She gave up on me like I gave up on her. She dropped her head down to the hard ground, stopped her struggling to try and release herself from the unnerving humans who had hold of her and let them tear her apart. The sound of the bones breaking from one another and the flesh being torn was distressing. From her bloody mouth she spoke one last word to me, "run," so I did, I ran as fast as I could and as far as I possibly could until I had no more energy left, leaving her behind in the hands of a demon.

I had no idea this was going to happen; my entire life has turned upside. Just to think that two mornings ago I was at home with my family and little sister terrorising me as usual. But now they're gone. My younger sister Emily always described me as Mr Incredible as I was always doing something outrageous and different according to her, trying to invent new things, which by now have probably been destroyed. She was only 5, she had so much left to give to the world, maybe she could've grown up to be a scientist and lived this traumatic event being able to resolve it, just like me. Maybe she had my gift? Being able to pass her GCSE in flying colours, just like me, the teachers always said to me I had a gift and would go far in life; this is where I've ended up. Stranded. Alone. Desperate for help.

You never know what you've got until it's gone, now that I've lost everything, family, friends. I'm slowly starting to give up on life. I'm currently living in a Penthouse. It became my hideout for a while, whilst this was going on, me stuck up in a tall building watching people die and me doing nothing about it. Researching for hours on end trying to figure out a way to stop this before everyone dies into oblivion, just leaving behind their shell which once held so many memories. However, I was too late, obviously, I never had enough time. On the other hand, if the virus comes back, I'm ready to fight because I was born to die.  

For the first time now for about a couple of days I've finally looked at my appearance in the mirror. It wasn't a pleasant sight. My blonde hair had patches of grey in it, dried mud at the roots, spots of blood all over it. My emerald green eyes seemed smaller than usual and I'm sure I've grown a few inches, maybe 5ft 8 now, not to forget about all the tiny little cuts graving my pale face. My clothes all torn, the only thing still in tack were my converse, always reliable. 

I need to start moving, making my way to a different city. But what if the virus has caught up with the city I'm heading too? What if I have the virus? I will just be spreading it. I might as well as just end my life right here, right now, where I belong. Then again, I won, I, Tom Barren James- age 17 destroyed the virus on March 5th 1978.


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