Stories I'll never finish

Like the title says, this is the stories I'll never finish. I often have great inspiration, yet I never manage to write more than a few pages or so before a new idea jumps to my mind. So I wanted to share them all; why I don't know.

Mature content and grammar fails might follow.

So here we go, my many stories, I'll never finish.


6. Jagger and Bassett

“Mr. Jagger, I presume?” The soldier asked and Bassett nodded as she threw the unconscious man at her masters feet.

“I did it, I've given you Mr. Jagger, now... for my reward?” She reached her hand out and waited for him to give her the keys.

“Well now, Ms. Bassett... how do I say this...” He looked around as if he was thinking.

“Boys... show her away.” He said cold hearted and turned around, as the other soldiers began to drag Bassett away.

“Wait! No! You promised me-” She couldn't finish her sentence before a sharp needle pierced her neck and her eyes closed.


Jagger found himself in an unfortunate situation when he woke up with his hands in handcuffs against a stone wall.

“What the...” He tried to stand up, the cuffs were pinned to the wall, and not even magic seemed to work.

“Hello?! Bassett?!” He yelled but it died in an echo without answer.

He lowered his head and wondered why he was here.


“To let my family free!” She suddenly yelled.

Bassett looked around in the room, that more or less looked like a stable and her legs were still sleeping, so she couldn't stand up. She looked down at them and saw that she were bleeding and there were lots of cuts and bruises, those bastards had been dragging her the entire way from the castle to here. She looked around again, the stable seemed clean, as if no one had been using it quite a while.

A loud noise of something metal falling down made her jump as much as she now could, but there were no voices nor footstep.

“Probably just rats.” She thought, then she felt someone glaring at her but still no one was there, not a living soul at least.

“My, but ain't she small!” A voice said but no faces were seen.

“Smaller than the last other dozen at least!” A lighter voice then laughed, a woman this time.

“Can I have her pa?” A little boy asked, or so she thought.

“No! Wait!” She screamed and pulled a hand out, and she could feel someone breathe on her.

“This one's a talker, pa!” A young girls voice said, or more likely two voices, they spoke like one.

“What do you got to say stranger?” The woman asked kindly.

“What's going on?” Bassett asked and looked for faces.

“Why, you're in our house! Or more likely our stable, but it's all our ground.” The woman answered kindly and the man laughed heartily.

“Yes, and Naveen here have been screaming for hours, cause he's never seen someone like you before! Hah!” The man spoke, as she wondered who Naveen was.

“Excuse me but … who's Naveen?” There came a deadly silence, like the grave.

“Why, Naveen is our horse, you're laying in the middle of his stable.” You could then hear a horse snort.

“But I don't see any horse, and I don't even see you...” She looked around, searching for them.

“Oh that's right, darlings turn on your lamps, please.”

Three young kids appeared for Bassett's eyes, two twin girls and a bit older boy, they looked like normal kids except they, like an anglerfish, had a light in their foreheads, and so had their parents.

“Wow...” Bassett said wondered, and looked in awe at them.

“We're called Anglers. Our light shows things only we normally would see, look.” The older woman with grey curly hair and a long yellow dress, reached her hand out and walked to the hay in the stable.

Slowly, the figure of a horse would appear and Bassett would understand.

“But... where am I?” She asked and noticed that the father of the family were smoking on a pipe.

“You're in our house ma'am. And you've cause quite the stir here, we Anglers don't normally find humans lying around, especially not ones that are alive.” He said and the little boy tugged in his arm.

“Does this mean I can't eat her pa?” He asked and scared Bassett in the thought, but his dad laughed.

“Oh no son, this one's alive, we are not murders.”

Bassett smiled lightly but the man got a serious mine on.

“But I can't say the same about the others here...” He looked at her and she got goosebumps from his glare.

“Listen here kiddo, you have to get out of here. We here might seem like good people and we are, trust me, but I can't promise the same about the others here...”

All of their smiles vanished. That was the second time he mentioned 'others' and she got curious about them.

“O-others?” Bassett stuttered.


The sound of footsteps grew louder as someone came closer.

“Who's there? Show yourself!” Jagger yelled as he could see the shadow of a man.

“Quiet slave! You are not to talk unless spoken to!” It was a cell guard, his voice was cold and toneless.

“Slave?! What's going on?! This some kind of joke?!” Jagger yelled again and tried to get free another time, but the guard answered him as if he had been interrupted.

“And you are not to ask questions unless told to!” He opened the cell door and released the shackles from the wall and walked with them in his hand.

“Where are you taking me to?! Where's Bassett?!” Jagger asked loudly and the guard struck him with a fist.

“Quiet slave!”

Jagger fell to his knees and blood dripped from his nose, but the guard just pulled him along the ground.

When the guard stopped up to open a door, Jagger seized the opportunity to get out and in one quick move he pulled the shackles from the guards grip and used them to choke him from behind. The guard tried to remove the shackles and scream for help, but he had no air left and Jagger felt him die and sink to the floor.

He found the keys and got free from the shackles, the magic flooded through his veins again and it felt as if his blood were burning in his body, but he had gotten used to the short pain of power streaming around, after all those troubles he's been through.

He rushed in the shadows of the pillars inside of the castle. Meanwhile someone had found the dead guard and alerted the entire city, about an escaped mage.

“The King! Get to him!” Some of the soldiers yelled and ran straight past Jagger, that stood quiet in the shadow.

But it was nowhere near the king he was going, or so he thought. He knew this place from childhood, since he had spend his younger life playing with the prince.


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