Faith,Money, and love

Camilla's life isn't all that good. Especially since she's always fighting with her mom and siblings. Everyday she's called ugly,stupid,slutty,ungraceful and hideous by her mother and worse by her siblings. How long will she last in this terrible family


1. Moving

"But Cam you can't go" my little brother Tommy whined

"I could do whatever I want. I'm 24 years old so fuck off." I rolled my eyes as I applied the last touch of blush on.

"Will you at lease visit?" He asked

"Hell no. I can't if you really want me so much move in with me." I chuckled

"Really I can?" his eyes got huge

I nodded "Yes i'm not leaving you with Margaret and Serena"  He smiled,ran to his room, than came out with 4 suitcases. I smiled and grabbed my bags heading down stairs with him doing the same.

"Where is that little asshole going" my mom Margaret snorted

"He's coming with me. away from *glares* You guys" I snapped making Serena walk up and wrap her arms around Margaret

"Marge when they leave we could play a little in bed" she winked and bit her lip

"You two are gross don't say that in front of Tommy, Bye" I walked out with Tommy following my steps

~New house~

"This is it Thomas" I smiled

"I know Camilla. So which room is mine?" he asked

"Whichever one they're all master bedrooms soo." I smiled

~After everything~

"Hey we have a pool Cami can we go swimming?" Tommy asked

"HELL YES" I yelled running to my room to change



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