Four elements

Carter,Chloe,Josh and Jaden all seperated at birth but 3 came together to find Chole before the elemntal war which if lost will rise the eternal master who wants nothing more than to steel the childrens power befor they find their real parents.Chloe doesnt know what power she has until her brother Josh shows up to help her control what she can do, while Carter and Jaden serch for their parents.


1. intro

Four extradarney children all blessed with amazing powers.The four elemnts Fire,Earth,Air and Water.Each child has one of the elemants and its power.Seperated at birth the four must find each other before they turn 16 or the war will be lost and so will their power which will go to the eternal master,an old flame of their mother,a recipe for revenge in his eyes. he wants to keep them apart,he'll do anything to do so.will the four be able to save themself,their parents and ther world? or will the master distry them?




short chapters i know but i dont have alot of time to write ok


any ideas id love to hear 'em





Lucy oxoxox

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