The Hero:)

A young man/alien/child is sent to Earth by his mother and father when his planet is under attack. A man finds him in his back garden and brings him up.
Good future?

(first story, written when i was eight so no hate?:))


1. Chapter 1?

Most people think of Batman, Superman, Spiderman and Ironman but today a new superhero is born. Lavaman his name is, The Lavaman, and this is his story.


It was 1198 and the planet, where the boy was born, was under-attack by Jupertarees (aliens born on Jupiter). An 8-year-old boy had worked extremely hard, and at the end his planet had survived the horrific attack. And he did this with his power, power of fire and heat, even though he knew nothing about them.

Two Years Later..

It was his birthday, 10th, and the aliens came back for revenge. But this time the army was bigger and alot more better!! There was no chance that he could defeat them all this time, even if everyone had put pressure on him.

His mother and father squashed him into a small capsule and then within 10 seconds he was in outer space so that he didn't get hurt.

He landed on Earth, in a tree, where he stayed for three weeks. Until a strange mans' face smeared over the top of the capsule. Soon after he was lifted off the branchy and boney tree by the man. He was so shocked at what he found in this wierd craft. He had never seen anything like this in his entire lifetime. Before very long, the boy popped out and lay on the grass.


The father (man) brought Lavaman into his home where the atmosphere change in an instint. The father taught Lavaman how to speak English, learn the alphabet, count to 100 and how to save the world, this subject interested Lavaman alot as he had already saved a world before, his world.

But father didn't know anything about him, well this strange creature. His name, age, powers?? Father was astonished when Lavaman told him his secrets. He asked Lavaman what his powers were and what his family were like. Lavaman gave a loud, gasping sigh. He was happy enough to tell him about his powers but soon enough he would have to tell him about his family.

Father then changed the boys name to Fred McLong when Fred turnt 20. Father and Fred then started to find a job. Fred tried and tried and tried but no-one wanted to apploy him at any job/buisness.

Few Hours Later..

The phone rang. Someone wanted to imploy Fred as a childrens Entertainer. This job was perfect! He designed a superhero suit with cracks in it like lava. It was coloured in red, yellow and orange. The first party was at a 7-year-old boys house. Fred was introduced to all the party guests and Tom (the 7-year-old) 's mother and step-father. Tom was excited. Fred then changed into the costume. He then performed a little play that he wrote himself and it worked out well. At the end, all of Tom's friends and him crowded over to Fred to ask him a question. "What's your superhero name?" a little girl asked from the back of the crowd. Fred hesitated for a moment. "Lavaman?" he replied. This was the beginning of a new hero!


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