[[EDITING]] More Than This (Louis Tomlinson Fan-Fiction)

"You Spoiled little brat! You and Your Sister Ruined My Life!" My Horrible Step dad Walter yelled as he chased my little sister Ella Around the room. He was holding a long, wooden cane that he beat me with before. Would he take it out on little Ellie? He'd Never Really Hit Her before, mostly just yelling at her. She was crying and running around the room to avoid him. I Had Tears In My Eyes just watching


1. ***AUTHOR'S NOTE***

Hey guys! Umm, this is just an idea i had. im probably not going to go through it unless you guys like it. My computers not saving my work for some reason so i just wanted to get this out on here before i forget it. If you guys like it, Maybe I'll Go through with it. Also I'd like to thank you guys for over 70 reads on Little Love Story On the Wattpad! i Know its not a lot but Im Just Happy. Thanks Again you guys! :)


                xx -Alexandra 

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