Far From Ready

Rosemary Corona is a 17 year old fun carefree girl living in East L.A. with her wonderful family.Rosemary's younger sister has a birthday party and their dad pays for none other than One Direction to preform for her.She meets Liam Payne and he is completely smitten with her.Will she let him into her heart?Will her over protective brother and father finally let her be happy?But what happens when Liam's ex Danielle comes into the picture and ruins everything?Will she ever be happy or is she far from ready to be in love?Lies will be told,hearts will be broken and Rosemary's perfect world turns upside down when she learns her father's deepest darkest secret.Will things ever be the same?


1. Prologue

The bullet pierced her father's heart."No no no dad please wake up please I need you"Rosemary yelled to her father's lifeless body."Come on Rosemary we need to get you out of here"a thick british accent said.Liam looked into her tear soaked eyes and saw pain."No i need my dad!"she yelled shaking her dad."Rosemary we can't stay here,they might be coming"he said as her older brother,three younger sisters and mom tried to grab Rosemary.Liam carried her out to the SUV as they all threw their stuff in the trunk."Hurry i could see them down the road!"Rosemary's brother Adrian yelled.Liam put one of Rosemary's younger sister in the seat and put her seatbelt on."Liam"Rosemary whispered.''Yes love?"he asked."I love you"she said looking into his big brown eyes."I love you too"Liam responded.As they were leaning in to kiss shots were fired.That's when Rosemary's crazy drama filled world went black and she was finally at peace.

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