We Are Clara Oswin Oswald

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  • Published: 4 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 24 Jul 2014
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I am Oswin Oswald, Junior Entertainment Manager of Starship Alaska.
I am Clara Oswin, a Governess and barmaid.
I am Clara Oswald, I am a nanny.

What we have in common is each other.
We are Clara Oswin Oswald. We were born to save The Doctor.


2. Clara Oswin

Day 363,

   I am Clara Oswin. I am a governess to Digby and Francesca. I am also a barmaid.

   I remember some things. I walked out of The Rose and Crown, and there was a Snowman. Then I met him. The Doctor. Doctor Who? No answer. He was funny. But he didn’t spill for beans, I said I’d run, once he’d explained. Before I knew it, I was covered in water after being caught in some kind of telepathic web of snow. What? Snow that can remember?

   I went back to Francesca and Digby and the old Governess threatened to return. I went to see friends of the Doctor. Jenny, the green lady and Strax. I remember… Pond.

   The Doctor came back to find me, and that’s when he took me to the TARDIS, when the ice lady attacked. We climbed through a window. My bustle was stuck…

   We climbed up a ladder to the TARDIS. I wasn’t little, I thought. Then I was given something. Something precious and important… I don’t remember it. Then something happened and I fell. And now I lie here forever. I was so happy. I wanted something. But all I remember is a dream. But I do remember some reality.

   I told him to run. Run you clever boy, and remember.




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