Imagine a world where the words you speak appear on your skin. Would you be more careful about what you say?


1. Prologue

"But I didn't say that!" I insisted.
"Yes you did! It's right here, on your wrist!" She grasped my hand tightly and bent my wrist up to read the tiny print of neat black words spiralling up my arms. 
"I didn't!" I could feel my lies being scrawled onto my leg even before they came out of my mouth.
"Don't lie, I can see it." Looking down at the writing, she read my words from the night before. "I can't stand Amy. She's so stuck up, and her hair is constantly messed up. I don't think she's ever brushed it." Amy looked up at me. "Who were you talking to?" I watched as the angry words appeared on the side of her face. "Fine. Don't tell me." Finally she let go of my wrist. I saw her muttering words creeping round past her ear as she walked away. 

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