The Place In Between



1. ***

Under a colourful and beautiful tree in the spring there sat a young girl. A pink balloon floated above her head. She looked a bit sad, and if you looked closely, you could see a little yellow tear in the corner of her eye. She was confused and did not understand why she could not leave the place. Her will was fading as the balloon got stronger and larger. Its surface got thicker and the pink went darker.


On a rainy day you could not see her tears streaming down her cheeks. She masked it with a planted smile on her lips. As she sat there slowly dying away, a warm body closed its arms around her. Or at least she thought it did.


“I love you” she said hopefully out in the blue air every time she thought he was there. But then the feeling of him was gone, and the emptiness of being alone overwhelmed her with fear and self-doubt. She was alone and lonely under that pink balloon, but for some reason it did not fly away. It was bound to her. And when it tightened its grip around her and she lost her breath, she was reminded, who had the power.


The summer came and went and took the half of her with it. When the winter came there was not much left of her.


The warm arms never returned after that summer, and the feeling of him was lost in the wind that came with the autumn.


A breeze of hot and cold air on the same time made goose bumps on her skin under the thin dress, she was wearing. All around her the snow started falling, and the cold hard frost was unbearable. The darkness surrounded her and strangled the last spark in her heart. The light ran out and only darkness was left. As she was lying there, ready to die, a thought came into her mind and whispered in her ear:


“You’re already dead, my dear.”


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