How did it come to this!

What if you know a secret that was big like you when you ran away you had a kid? What if the kid's father was in the biggest boy band and you didn't want to tell him? What would you do?


1. chapter 1

I woke up to the sound off my baby crying,so I got up and went to check on her she looks so much like her dad if only he know about her. she looks like him in every way really the only thing she got from me is my lips, eyes, and my hair colour. Well I was thinking about all this i heard the T.V. say  ''new boy band one direction is in town for there concert and the word on the street is they will be here for a month.... hmm wonder how that going to work out?'' when I heard that I almost dropped Nichole's bottle, as I made my way to her bedroom I got in there and saw that my best friend Calleigh was holding her and trying to get her to be quit '' What are you doing here?'' I asked  '' Oh you know trying to help out a friend and help her get some sleep I know she needs.'' '' Thanks but how did you get in?'' '' The key under the rock outside.'' she said '' Well i need to find a new place for that then don't I?'' I sad under my breath she then shoot me a glance '' um Calleigh did you hear the news a while ago?'' she looked at me she the only one that knows my story my mom and dad dosn't even know where I am or that I had a baby. only thing I did was leave a note and more to another country changed my phone number didn't even tell my sister or brother goodbye. I know that hurt me but I can only imagine how it felt to them. I've thought about going back or just calling but  I don't know what they would say '' "ya.'' she said flatly '' What if i ran in to him i cant just say 'Oh hi Liam, this is your daughter Nichole'.'' I said running my hand thought my hair ''look this is a big town and there a lot of people I mean what the chance you will ran in to him and there's gonna be tons of girls around him so you'll  see him coming.'' Calleigh said trying to make me feel better. '' Yeah... but what if I do? I mean he's dating Danielle .. I mean he was dating her back then but neither of us thought  it would get that far and we were just friends and-.'' Calleigh then stopped me '' Stop that! It's not going to happen again and if it does then we'll work thought it like we did when we moved here.... OK?''  I sighed knowing that I couldn't win ''I guess ... now give me my baby.'' I said and she then gave Nichole and went to were  I am guessing the kitchen. right as I got done feeding Nicole  I went to the living  room and placed her down in her crib i had in there for her and then sat down next to Calleigh and then picked up my phone and called my twin sister, after 2 rings she picked up '' hello?'' '' hey sis.'' I said afraid of my only voice at this time '' Issy?'' '' Ya it me.'' I said softly '' OMG WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN .. NO WHERE ARE YOU'' she said scamming '' Umm is mom and dad there or is it just you?'' '' Um mom and dad and nick is in the other room.'' '' Can you go in there and put me on speaker please?'' ''Umm sure?'' she said and moments later I hear tell them that I on the phone the I heard 'if this is a joke go back to your room' then i heard her put it on speaker.  '' Um hi guys.'' that when I heard gasps  '' Isabella where are you we are coming to get you are you alright?'' I heard mom say  '' Yes I am fine and no don't come get me like I said i'm fine it just that ....'' '' Sweetie what wrong?'' my mom said  '' no one better of hurt you or i will come down.. or up there and kick there-'' I cut my brother off '' No one hurt me it just i dont know if you will want to see me after I tell you this..'' '' Isabella Marie tell us this very moment you scaring us!'' my mom yelled by know I was crying '' Guys I-I-... I had a baby.'' i said and looked at Calleigh I was crying so hard and I coudn't help it  '' YOU WHAT? '' my dad and brother said at the same time '' Her name is Nicole ... I sorry guys I am so sorry!'' I said crying while Calleigh tryed to comfort me it was quit for a minute then I herd sis  '' I-Is it true?'' she asked but i couldn't talk so I looked at Calleigh '' Hi guys it Calleigh Isabella is like crying right now and cant really talk but ya it true.'' she said and i just got up and went to my bed room, a few minutes Calleigh came in an looked at me '' Well how did they take it?'' I asked still crying not as bad but still crying ''Well after they got over the shock they asked how old was she, I said a month.. then they ask who the father was .. and I said you might want to tell them and then they asked if he know about her and I said no then they ask if they could see you and there granddaughter soon and i said it was up to you and they told me to tell you they still love you , you are there daughter and they love you.''  with that she got up and walked out the door and I just sat there a cryed till I fall a sleep thinking what am I going to do? should I tell Liam or let it be? how is Nicole going to endup?

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