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This is a story i though of in Journalism. Read it!


1. Getting The Tickets

I was on Ticket Master waiting for One Direction tickets to go on sale. My friends Whitney and Vanessa were on the phone with me, also waiting for tickets. We had been talking about going to a concert sense their new album, Take Me Home, came out.

            All three of us had our radios on and computers at hand. The tickets were going on sale any second. We all were on Ticket Master on our computers, our radios were all on different stations, just incase anyone was giving away free tickets, and we were on Twitter on our phones. When it comes to concert tickets we don’t mess around.

            Finally the radio D.J. on 103.9 started talking. “Hey all you directioners out there, I’ve got three One Direction concert tickets with VIP seats and backstage passes. All you have to do is answer a few questions and be caller number eight. Call now!” I hung up on Whitney and Vanessa and called the radio station.


“Hello. You’re caller number six. Try again.” I hung up and called back.

“Hello caller number eight! You are on the air with One Direction!” The D.J. said. I didn’t want to scream so I was hyperventilating instead.

“Hello!” The boys said in unison.

“Hi!” I said nervously. I was jumping up and down.

“So your first question is; what was the name of the band I was in before I went on The X-Factor?” Harry asked. That was an easy question.

“White Eskimo.” I said almost immediately.

“Correct!” He said. I nodded, even though he couldn’t see me.

“Now we are going to play parts of a few of our songs and you have to guess which ones they are. Okay?” Liam said.

“Okay.” I said. I was really nervous. The music started.

“Let’s make a move Yeah! Like the showers that are British. Voice on tape.”

“So what songs were they? You have to say them in order that they were played.” Louis said.

“Okay. They were; Kiss You, Over Again, and Little things.” I said. I knew I was right so I wasn’t worried about it.

“You are correct!” Niall said. That made me want to scream but I didn’t.

“Wow. You’re one of the few fans that don’t scream when you hear our voices. Why?” Zayn asked.

“Because I know you guys don’t like getting you eardrums blown by teenage girl screams, so I don’t do it.” I said, suddenly gaining some confidence.

“So you really do want to scream?” Niall asked.

“Yeah but I’m not going to.” I said.

“DO IT!” Louis screamed.

“No.” I said.

“DO IT!” He screamed again.

“Fine, but only cause y’all are telling me to.” I said. I set the phone down and walked out of the room. I closed my door and stood in the hallway and screamed at the top of my lungs. I walked back in the room.

“There.” I said



Okay. Well this is what I do in school.. -.- But Comment what you think and if I should continue. :)

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