The Wondrous Conman

This is the story of Oz, The Great and Powerful with a twist, here we bring Samantha I simple country girl from Kansas who has always been baffled by Oz's astonishing magic shows. Plz read and fav and comment haha I always love feedback.


1. Wonder and Awe

I sat and stared at the wonderful magician astonished by the wonders of illusion he displayed within the travelling circus tent. 
"I will require a volunteer from the audience" Oz, The Great and Powerful asked the amazed audience. Almost the entire crowd raised a hand in the hope of being chosen, I slowly raised a hand and I watched Oz make his decision and our eyes met but he turned away. 
"How about you madam?" he pointed to a beautiful brunette in the back corner and she made her way onstage and curtsied to the audience. 
"A simple country girl, ladies and gentlemen", the audience clapped as they awaited the astounding illusion to come.
"You have nothing to fear! So long as you believe! For when you do believe, anything is possible", he certainly had all the crowd believing and in awe of his wonderful act. 
He had the girl hypnotised and floating in thin air with a silk cloth falling over her and I simply could not figure how it was done.
"I see a wire!" Cried a man working the audience. My belief fell greatly as I saw the thin wire being illuminated by the stage light.
"You are mistaken sir!" Oz accused,
"Am not!" The man shouted, "It's right there!" he yelled pointing to the wire holding the girl afloat. Oz then yelled in disbelief.
"A wire?! What need I of wires?" He pulled out his sword and sliced through one wire with a loud and clear 'SNAP!!' Then another, the audience prepared for the woman to fall but she did not. She continued to float in mid air as the audience gasped filling the tent. Oz then grabbed and pulled the cloth from over the young lady and she had vanished. Simply disappeared from thin air. The tent filled with gasps and applause and Oz bowed many times. Filling himself with the love beaming from the crowd. He began to walk offstage when a small cry for help stopped him in his tracks.
"Make me walk" cried a small girl from the front row, she sat within a wheelchair and had an expression filled with hope and belief of his abilities. Oz fell silent. She repeated in the hope he would help her.
"Make me walk". Her father stood behind her with a handful of crinkled dollar notes.
"I know it's not much but it's all we've got. Whatever you could do...". Oz looked baffled, he managed to make a girl disappear into thin air but it looked as though he simply couldn't make this girl walk again. The girls eyes began to tear up as Oz didn't say a word. The tent was full of silence and hoped he could make one last display of indescribable mystery. Oz stuttered and the audience began to jeer and boo! 
"Beat it! You fake!" Yelled a man filled with anger and hatred. As the jeering grew louder Oz ran offstage, with no pride left within his ego.

I slowly left the tent behind the angry crowd demanding their money back. I did not bother with these feeble demands, I walked down the dirty Kansas road filled with dry grass as I saw a door burst open next to me. I jerked my position as I saw the handsome Oz rush out of his cart with a large briefcase with his top hat on his head. The wind grew thicker and stronger as I looked into the distance. A large twister was headed in the direction of the circus tent. The wind blew Oz's top hat off of his lightly curly head and as I run back to catch it I tripped and fell. The hat landed next to my hand and I ran after Oz to hand him part of his pride and joy. 
I saw him jump into a large hot air balloon basket and struggled to untie the knots to release the balloon off of the ground. As his back was turned I jumped into the basket and placed his hat on his head. Little did I know that just as I handed him his slick black top hat, the knots untied and the balloon lifted into the air. 
Oz saw me and his eyes grew wide, he was about to speak but the balloon was already five metres into the air when the angry mob caught a hold on the rope dangling from the wooden basket. And began to pull us down toward them. Oz pulled a small knife from his case and began an attempt to cut the rope off. I caught a grip on his waist just so he did not fall to his death. The rope was cut free and the mob fell one by one to the ground and rushed to safety from the treacherous winds blowing from the twister. We had a small victory until we saw that the sky grew darker and the winds grew stronger. Oz and I were stuck in the balloon with no way out, we struggled to steer the heavy balloon away from the tornado but with utter failure. 
We were pulled into the darkness and it was hard to see without getting sand, a blade of grass or some form of a substance within your eye. We continued to pull and tug at different ropes and controls in an attempt to steer away from the vicious storm. We cut off the sandbags and pulled on the burner, the balloon was no match for the dusty and dark funnel. Rain poured and thunder cracked with lightening flashes and there was no hope left for us now, our hair blew and our skin stung from the piercing rain. The wind howled and several pieces of roofs and fences flew toward us. we ducked and avoided a moment of severe pain. We sat inside the basket as we got whipped and thrashed around by the forceful winds. Oz and I held onto each other for dear life as we knew it may be the last few minutes of ours.
The balloon continued to spin and I heard Oz let out a cry for help.
“Please! I don’t want to die! I haven’t accomplished anything yet!” He yelled. “Get me out of here and I’ll do great things!” he continued. There was another lightening strike with a thunder clap. “Please give me a chance!” Oz cried. “I promise! I promise I can change!” he pleaded. I simply listened in silence as we continued to hold each other. We had completely given up of all hope of survival and simply held one another. My tears began to fall, a fear of death came all so suddenly and I continued to let the tears slip down my cheeks as my grip on Oz's arm tightened as I prepared myself for a quick but certainly painful death.
The balloon was whipped up and out of the vicious twister. We desperately held onto each other and the torn basket as we were shot out of the twister and I felt my stomach get lodged into my throat and felt the fall with extreme force. We screamed and screamed with utter fear as we knew these would be our last moments. Then we heard silence. No wind, no thunder or lightening. Not even the patter of rain. All that was replaced with sunshine, fluffy white clouds and chirping of birds. We were no longer falling but floating, the balloon had deflated due to many of the rips and holes and the basket was merely floating down a river. I released my grip of Oz and stood up with balance, I looked around and saw luscious green forest and bright blue skies. But then before me I saw a sight I certainly did not want to see.
"Get down!" I pulled Oz down and braced ourselves for the waterfall ahead of us. We dropped once more and I felt my heart pound out of my chest and Oz and I screamed at the same pitch of fear.
We hit many rocks and bumps as we fell but surely this was the end. 
There was a mighty splash and I felt Oz's grip on me release and I honestly thought I was dead. Until I opened my eyes and slowly stood up. Oz feebly leaped out of the basket and panicked.
"I can't swim!" He yelled, I stood in the water and I only reached my knees. I grabbed Oz by the upper arm.
"Help! I ca-" I pulled him up and the water only reached the top of his shins. He cleared his throat and bent down to pick up his top hat that was floating nearby. It was all because of that hat that I was in all his trouble. I looked over at Oz and he questioned me.
"Where are we?"

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