Hawaii Vacation With One Direction!

Five best friends have been Directioners since 7th grade. They enter a contest to win a vacation to Hawaii but they had to share it with 5 other boys. They won the contest and are immediately sent to the house. When they meet their new roommates they can't believe it. What do you think will happen between 5 girls and 5 boys for almost a year? Will they get along? Will they regret even agreeing to going? Keep reading to find out more!


1. Contest!

No One' P.O.V.

Nancy, Nubia, Alexandra, Michelle and Tontitorn are now 19 years old. They've been bestfriends since 7th grade and not to mention crazed Directioners! 

They went to Yuma Palms together just go out and have a 'Girls' Day out. As they arrived to the mall they exited their car and saw a mob of people by 'Claire's'.

They made their way through the crowd and was greeted by a lady.

"Hi, welcome to Claire's , would you like to enter the year round getaway vacation to Hawaii?" - lady.

The girls glanced at each other and took this opportunity to scream 'YES' in unison.

"Okay, please sign these papers and grab one ticket for your group. A ticket will be pulled out in about 5 mins so hurry!" - Lady. She smiled and gave them the papers.

When they finished they gave the papers back to the lady and Michelle ran to the ticket thing and entered their ticket. Before she put it in she saw the number. "3256" she whispered it under her breath. Just hoping they would be the winner

30 seconds later another lady came on to the stage and introduced herself. She also stated that who ever won this getaway, they would have to share their vacation with 5 other people.

The girls didn't mind as long as they had each other.

"Okay no let's start, shall we? " -second lady. She smiled into the audience.

"The winning ticket is 3.... 2.... 5... 6!" - second lady

"Is the winner out there?" - the lady said again.

Michelle ran up the stage with the rest of the girls following her.

" THAT'S US! AHHH!" - the girls

"Welll here they are! Our winners, now we can't tell you who you're other guests. You'll have to find out by yourselves! Sound good ladies?" - second lady. She smiled and the girls nodded.

"Now please go pack! You're flight leaves tomorrow morning!! Good luck Ladies!" - Second lady.


A/N: Hey! I hope you liked the beginning! This is my first ever Movella and I hope it comes out goood. Please Comment any ideas you might have! I promise I'll read them and fit them towards the story and PLEASE Like & Favorite! (: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! xx

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