Okay just to tell you guys that this is kind going to be like the show Stranded.Stranded is so Awesome. Anyways. When two girls who are the best friends in then whole world go and want to be on Stranded and everything. Well, one thing that they did not know was that they were going to be paired up with two people they do not even know and will have to deal with them weather they like them or not they have to get a long for 7 days. What happens when the guys start having feelings for the girl. When the 7 days are up they leave and the boys are afraid that they will never get to see these girls ever again. What will they do? Read it find out!


1. Erika Hamilton


Hey guys,

          My name is Erika Hamilton. Here are things about me. I love to Dance. Music is my passion. I love getting scared and I do believe in the Paranormal Activity. Paranormal Activity the movie is way awesome. I LOVE the show called Stranded. My friend Bella is way cool too. We hope that one day we might get to be on the show Stranded. I love to laugh and act like kids. I am 16 years old going to be turning 17 soon and Sable is 15 turning 16 this year. She is also the youngest out of all of us. Bella is the second youngest she is just turned 16. I have Brown wavy hair. I have weird eyes, One is Hazel and the other one is Icy Blue. I love playing sports like Football (Soccer), Basketball, and Softball. I love running too. I like to go to Amusement parks and ride rides and just have a great time. Well, there are something things you should know about me. So Yah. ;)

~Erika Hamilton

P.S. Watch Out Behind You!!! :) Haha I'm just joking ;)


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